2 Beginner Meditation Strategies

Article by Sherri Haggard

When it comes to meditation, there are many benefits. Meditation can reduce stress, lower your breathing rate, decrease your headaches, and help you get rid of muscle tension. Overall gives you a sense of calm and peace.

When it comes to meditation, many people think you must travel to the Far East and learn from the masters to meditate. The simple truth learning to meditate can be learned in a few minutes. Basically meditation comes down to learning to quiet the mind.

Meditation Mantras

For the beginner you could try mantra meditation. Mantras are a syllable, or words, or even a phrase that are repeated over and over to produce change. Mantra meditations are effective due to the vibrations from the sound being repeated over and over.

A couple of the most used mantras are Om and Maranatha. The Himalayan sages handed down Om, the symbol for the primordial vibration. For Christians who want meditate, a Catholic priest named John Main suggested Maranatha (Come Lord).

Beginning to Meditate

1. Anyhow, first find a quiet comfortable place.

2. Take some deep breaths.

3. Chant Om (Maranatha) about 6 times with long breaths.

4. Take another deep breath.

5. Repeat the process again.

6. Rest in silence do this for 20 minutes daily you will see fantastic inner changes just by chanting Om (Maranatha).

Meditate with a Candle

1. Another technique I like is to use a candle.

2. Be sure to go back to your quiet place.

3. Get comfortable relax.

4. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

5. Light the candle you are going to be concentrating and directing your focus on the flame. In the exercise, you want to direct all you focus on the flame.6. Slow your breath down. Breaths deeply, slow everything down and focus on the flame. You will have thoughts. Let them go. Just focus on the flame empty your thoughts. Just relax. With practice, it gets easier.These are some basic meditation practices. With practice, you will find meditation becomes easier.

Practice and focus is what makes med itation successful. About the Author

Sherri has been writing articles for nearly 2 years.

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