2 Meditation Techniques to Help You Attain Bliss And Self Realization

Article by Kip Mazuy

Whether you are looking to deepen your meditation, attain self realization or you just simply want to experience more peace and bliss in your life, learning and practicing one of these two meditation techniques will deepen your meditation and bliss considerably and set you well on the path to self realization.

These techniques are active meditation techniques; they are something you do, something you focus on. This type of technique is needed so you can start to focus your mind. In focusing your mind, awareness begins to grow and the subtle energy, also known as Shakti, begins to be activated in your body. Once this energy becomes awakened and starts to flow, it manifests itself as peace and bliss.

Here are two methods for this active meditation technique. The first method is for those that have a Guru, or feel drawn to a Guru. Some people reading this already are getting nervous because I mentioned the word “guru,” but don’t be alarmed, an alternative technique is coming right after I explain this one.

So if you have a guru or God or simply feel drawn to a guru or God, it could be Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishina, Dalai Lama, or even the name of a God or religious saint, like Jesus or Buddha, simply silently repeat their name and silently add “please give me your peace.”

If you like, you can use your breath, so for an example on the inhale you silently say “Buddha” and on the exhale you say “please give me your peace.” Or you can simply repeat it without using the breath as a reference. Some people find it hard to concentrate on a mantra without getting caught up in other thoughts. In this case, repeating the mantra with each breath can be helpful.

But if repeating the names of a Guru, God or saint is not for you, this is perfectly fine. For you, this meditation technique is better: Silently repeat the words “I am.” Again you can repeat “I am” with every breath as explained above, or you can repeat it without using the breath as a reference.

But as you repeat “I am” focu s on the feeling of “I am.” Focus on the feeling of being in this moment beyond thinking. Not “I am John” or “I am a person” but the impersonal feeling of “I am.”

If you practice either one of these meditation techniques, you will begin to feel a sense of peace. Perhaps at first, you will experience feeling peaceful. But as it deepens, you will experience that you are peace itself. And this peace will grow and expand and radiate.

You can practice either one of these techniques in sitting meditation, where you are doing nothing else but focusing on one of these techniques, but you can also practice one of these meditation techniques while doing other things like driving, walking, washing the dishes.

You will notice as you practice one of these techniques that lots of thoughts start to arise. Try not to be distracted by thinking. Do not try to control the thoughts in any way, simply allow them to arise and let them go, keeping your attention on your mantra that you are repeating. Or alternatively, keep your attention on the peace that you feel while doing the mantra.

This is most important. Because the mind is not used to being so focused on something. It rather wants to be lost in thinking about what you have to do later on today, what you saw on television last night or even what happened 20 years ago. So it is important to acknowledge this, to be aware of the restless mind and its urge to be distracted from this moment. Do not try and stop the mind, but just accept it, allow the thoughts to come and let them go.

Simply by practicing one of these techniques, this experience of subtle energy, call it Shakti, or peace or bliss will grow and intensify. And as you advance in meditation, the mantra will no longer be needed and you can simply let the bliss take over, letting your attention rest in that. And this will lead you to self realization.

I have mentioned Shakti several times now, which I have also referred to as subtle energy. Shakti is the peace and bliss itself. And alth ough you will awaken this Shakti using one of these techniques, it will be slow going if you practice it on your own.

Usually, if you are serious about meditation or self realization, you would sit with a fully enlightened teacher on a regular basis. And just by sitting with such a Guru, this Shakti would be awakened in you quite powerfully, and your meditation and bliss would expand very quickly, much faster than by trying to do it on you own. Trying to do it on your own can be quite frustrating.

You can also receive this same Shakti by listening to some very unique meditation music that contains this Shakti. Simply by listening to this amazing music, Shakti is awakened in you and your meditation and bliss deepens quite effortlessly and quickly.


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