3 New Approaches To Yoga

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3 Western Approaches to Yoga

Theraputic ApplicationsYoga has been used as a form of therapy that utilizes different yoga techniques in order to restore physical and mental health. Most recently there have been some Western Yoga teachers that have begun using Yoga practices and Yoga posture for therapeutic purposes. This has resulted in some advances for general therapy as the physical postures of Yoga strongly lend themselves to the healing and strengthening of the body. Although using Yoga as a form of therapy is not a new idea, its development into a complete discipline is something that has formed over the past few decades. Yoga therapy instructors need to master more positions and have a higher degree of skill then traditional Yoga instructors. This has helped Yoga to continue to develop in Western culture. Typically Yoga is practiced by those people who do not suffer from any ailments of disabilities that might require unique attention. However, Yoga therapy is designed to address there ailments and disabilities.

The Yoga LifestyleUsing Yoga as a complete lifestyle is promoted by traditional Yoga trainers to some degree or another. Going to a Yoga class one or two times a week is preferred then not participating in Yoga at all. Yoga is greatly beneficial even if it is only used as a means of exercising. However, the real strength of Yoga lies in its ability to be adopted as a lifestyle and used as a means to bring together the body and mind in a state of healing. Practicing Yoga does not always mean completing a series of postures, it also involves meditation. Even above physical exercise and meditation is the practice of Yoga involving awareness. It is this awareness of our physical and mental state that allows Yoga practitioners to bring healing or increased energy to their minds and bodies.

Spiritual Aspects of YogaThe Yoga lifestyle as described above deals with living a healthy and wholesome life. On the other hand, the spiritual aspects of Yoga is concerned with the Yoga lif estyle as well as coming into a state of enlightenment, or more simple put discovering ones spiritual presence. This presence is the same among all beings and it exists outside of the human body and mind. Yoga states that only through the physical, mental and spiritual practice of Yoga can you come to a state of true enlightenment.

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