5 Ways To Make the Best Out of Your Yoga Session With Superfoods

Article by Paul Fitzgerald

Want to be fit and healthy? Then why not try doing Yoga. Yoga according to Wikipedia, is a healing system that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises, physical posture and meditation. It is a mind-body intervention that reduces the health effects of generalized stress. Though Yoga is a spiritual practice that evolved in Hinduism, the Western world has created a purely physical exercise known as Asana.

From a survey that was released in May 2004 by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Yoga is the 5th most commonly used complementary and alternative medicine therapy in the united States during 2002. In the Yoga Journal magazine in February 2005, they have revealed that there are already 16.5 million Americans who spend as nearly as billion yearly on classes and Yoga related products.

So if you want to join those 16.5 million Americans then here are some tips on how to prepare for Yoga. First we talk abut your attire. In Yoga it is advisable that you wear discreet clothing which you can move easily in. Examples of these would be bike shorts, footless tights, T-shirts and importantly, a clean bare feet.

Before that though, you need to inform your teacher if you are pregnant, menstruating, have other physical problems and medical conditions so that the type of Yoga given to you would be adjusted.

In Yoga sessions, you can bring your own Yoga mat which needs to have your name on it. Other equipment though is already provided by the instructors. You should also arrive at classes 10 minutes before. Then to avoid any disruptions during the sessions, you are supposed to turn off mobile phones since a simple ring or vibration can distract your concentration and others. You are also to keep casual conversations during class into a minimum.

It is also advised that you are not to eat a meal any closer than the three hours before classes but a light snack one hour before is okay. A good light snack wou ld be th e raw organic superfoods Raw Cacao Powder. This raw organic superfood helps the body give fuel and is perfect for Yoga, Tai Chi and other competitive sports. Raw Cacao Powder can be blended with shakes, coffee, tea and fruits.

What makes Raw Cacao Powder perfect for Yoga practitioners is that it contains rare key nutrients that enhance the physical and mental well-being. This raw organic superfood also contains more antioxidant flavanoids than Red wine, Green Tea and Blueberries. It also has essential minerals such as Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Sulfur and Potassium.

Hope the information here has helped you prepare for your Yoga classes. Good Luck and stay fit and healthy

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