A Look at the Misconceptions of yoga

Article by Patresia Adams

Although the power of yoga is constantly spreading throughout the world in the last 30 years, but still there are some misconceptions about this effective method of self-realization. This article describes these misconceptions of yoga and helps you learn more about this powerful ancient method of achieving complete health.

1. Yoga is a sport: Many people think that yoga is just about few physical exercises which are part of a sport, but yoga is a set of physical postures, known as asanas in Sanskrit. People have a misconception that yoga is similar to body building and consider it as a casual sport for passing time which one can take up and practice now and them like any other sport. The truth is that yoga is an art and science of physical, mental and spiritual consciousness. The physical postures are developed to make an individual’s body strong enough to overcome various ailments.

2. Yoga is only for women: Although, in many parts of the world, the yoga is practiced by women, but it doesn’t mean it is not for men. The fact is that people are searching for inner strength and peace for complete health. Yoga offers something for anyone who wishes an effective method to gain mental, spiritual and physical strength ness.

3. You have to be extremely supple to practice yoga: It is almost true that certain yoga asanas are a bit complex to practice, and require an agile body. However, just as yoga postures should be selected according to the ailments that a person suffers from, an experienced yoga instructor will be able to depict you yoga postures that can be easily done.

4. Yoga practice should be done outdoors: When you perform yoga practices your body becomes highly sensitive to difference in temperature. In case you are outside, a slight breeze can break away your concentration and feel you uncomfortable.

While doing yoga practice, it is important to stay in a clean and peaceful environment to focus on inner self. It will help you in achieving complete health benefit s from s elected yoga postures.

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