A simple and easy guide on how to meditate for beginners

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Meditation has recently gained much popularity since it is a foolproof way to combat stress and stay healthy, both physically as well as mentally, and that too without any side effects. More and more people are turning to meditation to find solutions to their problems like tension, overweight, underweight, lack of concentration, insomnia and so on. But new comers to the world of meditation find it difficult to meditate and the reason for this is they do it in the wrong way. Meditation is a fairly easy process and this article would work as a guide on how to meditate for beginners.

If you just follow three very easy steps, you can meditate easily and will not have anything to complain about. When you are looking for answers to how to meditate for beginners, the first answer you would get is find a good place. By good place it is meant that find a space that is quiet and peaceful with no disturbance to break your concentration. Make sure the place is comfortable such that physical discomfort do not pose a barrier to your meditation. The second step that you should follow is sit comfortably, on a chair or on the floor, whichever suits you. But make sure you sit straight, with your spine erect. This might be a little uncomfortable at first but it is a good practice that would eventually become a habit. The third and final step in how to meditate for beginners is close your eyes, breathe slowly and deliberately and concentrate. If you find concentrating difficult, start by counting your breaths. Initially meditate for 5 to 10 minutes, as long as you can control your mind. The time will increase on its own once you get the hang of the process.

Few points that you should remember while meditating is that firstly, your body should be comfortable otherwise you would not be able to concentrate. Except the sitting straight part, this is a necessity. Secondly, control your breathing. Inhale slowly, hold a little and exhale. Thirdly, if you find it hard to concentrate with your eyes closed, light a candl e and try to concentrate on that. The main thing is concentration. If you want to know more about how to meditate for beginners, you can search the Internet. You would find different ideas on how to meditate for beginners by different people who are experts in meditation.

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