An Ideal Meditation Sequence

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Below you will find a suggestion for a sequence to use when meditating. This is one we find most useful and allows you to deepen your meditations and discover more within yourself.

Opening gesture Relaxation Breathing Energy clearing Meditation or Guided Journey Closing gesture Meditation diary Grounding An opening gesture informs your subconscious that you are ready to meditate. It also signals a departure from reality and preparation for going within. In this way, we ensure by using opening and closing gestures that we step between the worlds and return fully to reality when we are done. With continued use, the opening gesture brings subtler forms of consciousness more under your control and makes you more efficient in day to day life rather than floating off and being away with the faeriesSuggestions for opening gestures would be stretching your hands forward and imagining you are opening a pair of curtains, using a particular word that signifies to you that you are ready to meditate, imagining stepping through a doorway into a Meditation Sanctuary, making a circle in the air around you with an outstretched finger. You can use any of these or make up your own. You will also need a reverse symbol or word for the closing gesture.

Relaxation is essential to all forms of meditation. If you relax the body you will also calm the mind and the emotions. Posture is also important to relaxation. Ideally you should have a straight spine and be sitting on a firm chair. Anything too soft and you won’t get the support that you need. Meditation can be performed lying down in bed but is not recommended, especially when you begin, as you are most likely to fall asleep.

Breathing deepens you meditation and takes you further into yourself. It helps you move away from reality and into finer forms of consciousness. There are many different types of breathing techniques that can be used, but to begin with we suggest deep breathing through the nose, holding the breath briefly between inhalatio ns and e xhalations. You can count a certain number of breaths or heartbeats or just take a deep breath which feels natural and hold it for a couple of seconds. Deep breathing will bring more oxygen into your system, help clear away toxins and stale air, waken the mind and the brain and thus clarify your thought processes.

Energy clearing before meditation allows you to get rid of all the events of the day, washes away fears and doubts and any nervousness and cleanses your aura of anything you might have picked up during daily activities. You can simply use white light to cleanse your aura, breathing it into all of your organs and chakras or use other colours which appeal to you. The silver white flame is particularly powerful for cleansing and transforming the aura.

You can then proceed with your meditation or guided journey and if you have performed all of the above beforehand you will find that the meditation is stronger and more intense. The aim for these meditations is to have the mind awake and the body deeply relaxed so it doesn’t disturb you.

When you have finished with the meditation, come back fully into your body, stretch, open your eyes and perform the closing gesture. This instructs your subconscious that you are ready to return to reality and continue with your day.

Write up all your realisations and brief synopsis of what happened in your meditation diary. This does not need to be a word for word account of what went on, just the main highlights and ideas that came to you. You can look back on this later and see how you have developed and transformed.

Grounding is vitally important as it brings you back completely into your body so that you function at full capacity and with full awareness of everything around you. Have something to eat, do something physical, go for a walk – anything that brings you back to reality. Focus on your feet on the ground and feel the Earth beneath. Send lines of light from your feet deep down into the Earth.

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