An Introduction To Five Wonderful Yoga Poses


Article by Chris Binnie

An Introduction To Five Wonderful Yoga Poses

Yoga poses form the heart of all yoga practice and these poses (astanas) are specifically meant to provide physical and mental benefits to the practitioner. Each yoga pose must be learned and mastered before you can expect to derive all of its benefits. Furthermore, different yoga poses work on different parts of the body and must be incorporated according to what you wish to achieve with your yoga exercises. What’s more, the yoga poses can be from the two main yoga schools: kundalini yoga and hatha yoga.

Kundalini Yoga Stomach Grind

There are many numerous yoga poses to pick and choose from but a few deserve special mention and include among other things the Kundalini Yoga Stomach Grind that is a wonderful pose that helps to improve the digestive system, the elimination system and it makes your lower back function better as well.

The second important yoga pose that you must learn about is the one called Kundalini Yoga Modified Rowing which helps in freeing up your hips and it also aids in making the hamstrings more flexible. In addition, it also conditions your abs as too your shoulders and it is a wonderful pose and one that should be practiced on a daily basis.

The third important yoga pose that you need to learn about is the one known as Yoga Forward Bend that is an essential pose that every yoga practitioner must include in their yoga routines. It is a pose that allows you to stretch your entire back and will help to spontaneously heal your body and it is believed to also aid in achieving a longer and healthier life as well.

The fourth yoga pose that must be learnt is the Yoga Stretch Pose for Abdominal Workout which is really a wonderful pose that with a few modifications can also be used by newbie yoga practitioners. It can also be used by advanced level yogis and it is a challenging pose that should be practiced every day as it will work and do wonders for the naval Chakra and after performing this pose you w ill star t to feel revitalized and your will power will grow in leaps and bounds.

Finally, you need to also learn about the Bow Pose which should be performed regularly as it will make you look young and it also provides you with greater energy and furthermore, you will continue to feel the kind of vitality that only the very young are able to feel.

These five yoga poses are essential to enjoying a healthier and better life and once done on a daily basis will ensure that you enjoy good health and your entire being will feel more energized as well.




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