AntiGravity Yoga for Fun Flying Fitness

As a yogahlic, I am constantly performing yoga and researching it on the web. I was ecstatic to find a fairly new type of yoga called AntiGravity Yoga. This looks fun, healthy and exciting. I can’t wait to find out if there is a fitness club nearby that offers a class so I can try this out for myself.

Antigravity Yoga for Fun Flying Fitness
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What is AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga?

AntiGravity Yoga is performed on a special hammock rather than a mat. Envision yourself performing yoga while floating in the air, not far from the ground, and you have an idea of what this exciting new workout looks like. As a yogaholic and former gymnast this looks like a dream come true for me.

Christopher Harrison created AntiGravity Yoga to improve health and increase physical activity. He wanted a workout that was both beautiful and enjoyable, and I believe he created exactly that. It should come as no surprise that Harrison is a former professional dancer and world-class competitive gymnast.

What are the benefits of AntiGravity Yoga?

With AntiGravity Yoga you get all the benefits associated with any type of yoga, such as increased flexibility, toned muscles and stress relief. You also get the following added benefits:

* A great core workout

* Building of upper body strength

* Feeling relaxed and revitalized

* Being able to perform inversion poses without any pressure on the body

* A low-impact cardio workout

* Decompression of the spine

Who can benefit from AntiGravity Yoga?

The simple answer to this question is everyone, but I want to get a bit more specific.

– Writers, artists and designers

One women, Costanza Guerrini, says her best ideas come to her while hanging upside down during AntiGravity Yoga. Guerrini is a CEO of an architecture and design firm.

– Office workers

AntiGravity Yoga is great for those who sit at a desk for several hours because it offers hip-opening poses. Gravity helps to open the hips and allows the body to extend a little more than it would otherwise.

– Cyclists

Since cyclists generally have tight hips and AntiGravity Yoga helps to open the hips, this form of exercise is especially helpful to these athletes.

-Those who want to get taller

More research is needed and is underway, but some people claim to have gained an inch after taking AntiGravity Yoga classes.

– Anyone, regardless of their shape, size or fitness level

This is excellent because anyone, regardless of their body size or shape, can participate in AntiGravity Yoga. The hammocks can hold up to 1000 pounds and have been tested to do so. Sarah Shrader is an AntiGravity Yoga instructor and says, “Because you are offset with your weight in the hammock, you are able to get into deeper stretches.”

I have even more incentive to find a class since I am a writer (meaning that I also sit at a desk for several hours a day) and am short.

Try AntiGravity Yoga; it is new, exciting and good for you

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Rebecca completed courses in Medical Terminology, Administrative Medical Assisting, and Coding and Billing. She is recognized by the National Healthcareer Association as a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) and Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA). In addition, Rebecca is a former gymnast and is avid about yoga, swimming and other athletic activities.

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