Awaken Kundalini with Yoga Spinal Twists

Awakening the Kundalini

Yoga to Awaken Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga exercises, poses and sets are designed to dissolve blockages in the gross and subtle body, and promote the flow of energy throughout all its systems and dimensions.  Ultimately, upon reaching certain critical thresholds, large amounts of energy can be released from the base of the spine and felt rising up the central column.  This phenomenon is typically referred to as “Awakening the Kundalini” or “Kundalini Rising” and can be quite a memorable experience for those who encounter it.

One should keep in mind though that Kundalini Yoga, regardless of whether you are experiencing full blown Kundalini Awakening or not, is benefiting your mind and body in enormous ways.  Done regularly, this practice will help you increase your energy, make your strong, fit and flexible, give you clarity and bless you with peace and joy.

There are various exercises which have a reputation of triggering kundalini to awaken and I have written about my own experience with one such exercise is the article – Explosive Kundalini Rising in Class Today.  The particular movement I was doing that day, is not the exercise I am going to present a video for below.  It was actually an exercise called Camel Ride and it is part of the famous Spinal Warm-up Series of Kundalini Yoga.  Visit that set to see the details of how to do that particular pose.

One tip if you are plannin g to use these poses to awaken kundalini is that you have to do them with considerable intensity and passion, in order to generate the necessary spark.  So be ready for giving it your all.

If you are not a hard core Yogi, but are instead a serious meditator, take heart, you are also very likely to have the very same kundalini awakening experiences as the yogis.  In fact, my first experience with explosive Kundalni, was not from physical yoga, but actually from meditation.

For those interested in this approach to awakening kundalini, you should definitely read the following article – Kundalini Yoga | Power of the Energy.

Yoga to Awaken Kundalini

Today’s video article teaches you how to do Kundalini Spinal Twists.  You will get full details of this exercise in the following article – Lower Back Exercise | Yoga Spinal Twists.  Of course, this exercise has plenty of benefits, especially for your back and spine, so whether you are interested in awakening kundalini or not, this is a great exercise to learn and practice. 

In the video below I have demonstrated several arm and hand positions for doing this exercise.  The one that is generally indicated for stimulating kundalini, is the one where your fingers are interlaced and your arms are behind your back, and pulled away from your body as far as possible.  Twisting in this position adds additional pressure to the base of the spine.  The resting place of kundalini shakti.

As usual, this video will be adde d to the Free Yoga Exercise Video Series hosted here on Mastery of Yoga and Yoga.  This is a great resource for free yoga videos, but I would suggest another free resource for those interested in kundalini awakening as well, and that would be the Free Online Kundalini Yoga Kriyas collection.  There you will find full yoga sets, which are great for optimizing your body, mind and energy.

For Yoga and Yoga Certification Students and Teachers:

To fellow yoga teachers, if you have developed your practice sufficiently, I do suggest trying these exercises with greater pace and intensity.  Experiencing the awakening and rising of kundalini yourself, will give you a very special insight into this mysterious and powerful energy, and it will help you a great deal in understanding and guiding students who come upon such experiences as well.

This exercise is part of the Yoga Teacher’s Training and Certification Program and is certainly suitable for those taking the Meditation Certification Program as well.

Spinal Twists to Awaken Kundalini Video Details:

  • The video gives a full demonstration of Yoga Spinal Twists.
  • It teaches 3 different arm and hand variations for this exercise.
  • It discusses the benefits of this pose, along with other details about the technique.
  • Ple ase note if you have trouble viewing the video from here, I have provided the YouTube link as well which you can use.

Yoga to Awaken Kundalini – Spinal Twists


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