Awakening The Energies Through Chakra Meditation

Article by Dr. Rose Windale

The human body, often thought of as a microcosm of the universe has been the object of scrupulous curiosity and studies. Although having physical limits, it has been said that the resources of a human being is boundless once the mind is tapped. One such means of tapping into the inner self to instigate balance and harmony into the total being is meditation. All throughout the ages, meditation has been practiced with over hundreds of techniques to choose from. Masters and adepts have exemplified the sublime benefits of meditation having attained enlightenment and integration with the Self. Chakra meditation is a technique that is designed for an individual to actualize his full potential by awakening the seven energy points of the body called the chakras.

Each chakra governs a particular point in the body and uniquely influences the total being through these points. Chakra meditation focuses on rousing the chakras to create a positive emanation of energy and to expel negative emotions. Chakra meditation initially concentrates on awakening the root chakra found at the base of the spine. Influencing the body structure, physical health and well being, the root chakra is symbolized by a red circle encompassed by four petals. It is said that chakra meditation aims on awakening all the energy points starting from the root chakra or the mulahadra. The mulahadra is concerned with the body’s association with the material world.

Chakra meditation then directs the svadisthana or the navel chakra. Governing feelings of passion, love and sexuality, the navel chakra is found in the abdomen. Being correlated with the color orange, the experience of love, passion and sexuality elicits a response in this specific region. The next concern of chakra meditation is the solar plexus chakra located in the stomach and also known as the lower mind. The solar plexus is implicated with a person’s force and will power. Through chakra meditation, the solar plexus can be tapped consequently influencing self-contr ol, disc ipline and authority. It is connotated with the color yellow.

Chakra meditation then proceeds to the energy point in the midst of the chest known as the heart chakra or the anahata. Noble and profound emotions of peace, understanding and love are associated with the heart chakra and is symbolized by the color green. Chakra meditation then focuses on the vishuddha or the throat chakra governing communication and is depicted by the color blue. The “third eye” or the brow chakra is one of the major concerns of chakra meditation. Also called the anja and depicted by the color indigo, the brow chakra is associated with extra sensory abilities and can influence clairvoyance facilities.

Chakra meditation then culminates with the awakening of the sahasrara or the crown chakra which is found on top of the head. The crown chakra is pivotal in governing the mind and the spirit. Human consciousness, self-reflection and spirituality as associated with the crown chakra and is symbolized by the color violet. Through chakra meditation, the seven energy points of the body are rejuvenated giving a stream of divine stimulation to the total being. Chakra meditation is instrumental in integrating the mind, body and spirit thereby creating balance and harmony. It is best that chakra meditation be learned and practiced under the expertise of a skillful master or teacher as it can alter changes in the personality once the energies are released.

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