Back Pain Free with Driving Yoga Part 4

Article by Glen Wood The Yoga Teacher

Back Pain Free with Driving Yoga Part 4

When getting out of bed, don’t even dare trying quick movements. Instead, you should slowly edge your way to the side of the bed and then push yourself up with your arms. That way you don’t use your back muscles as much.

Yoga exercises will help you improve your lung capacity, deepen your connection with gravity, and lengthen your spine. You will learn to harness gravity as a positive contributor to functional movement.

You will open the breathing apparatus and give the nervous system and adrenal glands that contribute to stress and the fight or flight response a break and access the parasympathetic nervous system, so that important tasks such as digestion and improved immune function can take place.

By lengthening the spine you will improve your posture and alignment throughout the body for greater ease and less muscular tension.

“Regular exposure to whole-body vibration over many months or years can lead to damage and back pain. The longer you are exposed and the higher the level of whole-body vibration, the greater the chances of you suffering a back injury,” HSE writes. “Once you begin to suffer back pain, continued exposure to vibration is likely to make the pain worse.”

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Once a herniation, always a herniation. Intervertebral discs function to cushion the spine and absorb shock. A herniated disc is essentially a disc with a hole in it. In a herniation, the annulus fibrosis (the tough outer membrane of the disc) is breached, and the softer, inner membrane (the nucleus pulposis) extrudes. Pain occ urs when the extrusion comes into contact with a nerve.

Obviously taught and prepared by somebody that has never experienced lower back pain. Yes, yoga in general is good for spinal health.

Research in just the last ten years, based on new imaging techniques has shown, revealing a new model of spinal health that is not straight or rigid, but flexible, plastic and curved. Additionally, modern sedentary lifestyles, long hours driving or in front of the computer, severely compromise posture, the source of pain and discomfort.


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