Beginning Buddhist Meditation

Article by Rasmus Lindgren

So you’ve decided you want to make the art of meditation a part of your life; first, though, you must determine the proper course of action for beginning Buddhist meditation.For while it’s wonderful that you’ve chosen to make meditation a part of your daily regime, you can’t just jump head first into the process without a certain amount of thought and preparation.Before you begin to meditate, you must first do a little housecleaning of the soul; purifying and sanctifying your lifestyle. Break unhealthy habits, abandon all manner of sin and vice, and strive to be both a good family person and a component professional. Lead your life with purpose, stay honest and true.Just as important, before beginning an intense course of Buddhist meditation you have to do your homework. Study Buddhism, reading, studying and inquiring about the Three Treasures (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) as well as the divine nature of the Dharma. In this way, you truly can develop and grasp the Buddhist-related concepts of Right Understanding and Right View. Suddenly you are freed from troublesome urges and empty desires, and the havoc that they wreck in the lives of many people. Without having to suffer through these common, somewhat pleasurable but often damaging vices, you will be better able to concentrate and-in time-to meditate with great success.Next you need to set just the right mood and atmosphere for a successful meditation session. Once you are ready to sit down and meditate, you must choose the proper place to engage in this sacred activity.After all, you can’t just pick anyplace to fall asleep, read a good book, or contemplate a tough problem. Similarly, you can’t meditate just anywhere; particularly not in places that are noisy, busy, and brimming with activity.In setting the proverbial scene for meditation, you want to select a quiet place where you can sit and concentrate without fear of disruption or interruption. You can’t push a pause button on the meditative process; you must immerse yourself in the process. Thus yo u must meditate in a place that is uncluttered, well-ventilated, and most of all silent, one where you can sit undisturbed and concentrate. Your office or bedroom likely would be preferable to your kitchen, living room or family area; you may even wish to leave your homestead and go instead to a yoga/meditation studio, a private vacation house, or even a nature retreat.Ultimately, your place of meditation should be your haven; a place of ultimate and divine escape, your own personal path to enlightenment.Now that you’re in the right place for meditation, both mentally and physically, you now can embark on the divine act of Beginning Buddhist meditation.

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Rasmus Lindgren has practiced meditation for several years and has created a free course in Buddhist Meditation targeted at beginners. He is also author of the ebook Buddhist Meditation For Beginners.

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