Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Article by Tommy Phung

Meditation is much like any other activity. It usually starts with a reason, that reason can be anything. When you jog, do you jog for the benefits of improved endurance? If you do, that might take away some of the fun. However if you jog because it’s a nice day, or you jog because your friends are going jogging, that would be much more fun.

Meditation works the same way. If you meditate because you want to improve your concentration, or you want to reduce your stress or whatever reason you want to meditate, it won’t be as fun and will be difficult to sit there. However if you meditate for the sake of meditation; you’ll find it much more fun and easier to meditate.

What you can Expect from Mindfulness Meditation


One of the benefits of mindfulness meditation is that during meditation and after your done meditating, you find that your whole body is at a state of relaxation. When you are stressed, blood rushes throughout your body. There’s a lot of tension when you feel stress.

However, when you meditate, your body calms itself down. Your blood pressure drops and your breathing rate slows down. Meditation is really one of those things that can help you relax and help fight stressful experiences.

Better Ability to Concentrate and Improved Memory

Another great thing about mindfulness meditation is that when you practice mindfulness meditation day after day, you find that you’re better able to concentrate on tasks at hand and you have better memory. This is because in mindfulness meditation, the goal is to be aware of your thoughts and be in the moment.

As every moment passes, you have a dozen thoughts appearing and disappearing in your mind. When you meditate, you find that it’s easier to focus on one thought at a time, however in mindfulness meditation; the goal isn’t to stay focused on one thought. The goal of mindfulness meditation is to let thoughts come and go without you judging them.

Better Ability t o Deal w ith Emotions and Keep Calm

As you meditate more and more each day, you find that you’ll be able to endure more stressful situations. One example is when you become angry; if your a frequent mediator, you find it easier to calm yourself down. Ideally when one is suffers from a strong emotion such as sadness, anger, fear, depression or anxiety, we tend to try our best to forget about it.

However, in reality, if we try to forget the sorrow we been through, it’ll come back later and be twice as harmful to you. That’s why scientists say it’s a bad idea to keep emotions bottled up.

Many people use meditation to deal with their negative emotions. Rather than trying to forget about the negative emotions; when they meditate, they focus on their negative emotions. They give attention to these emotions and accept them the way they are. Amazingly, this tends to work better than trying to hide or forget about the emotion. The emotion that is getting you down seems to have its negative effect on you reduced.

Scientific research has proven that meditation has many benefits that are very important for people’s well being and health. Give meditation a go and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, similar activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi offer similar benefits.

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