Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy


Article by Karan Khalsa

The ancient Vedic art and philosophy, yoga, is all about experiencing the oneness with the God. It is also the way of finding peace of mind and controlling the mind all by ownself. Be it Hatha yoga or Ashtanga yoga or Kundalini yoga – Yoga enriches the life with divine tranquility and takes one to a higher level of spiritualism.

Yoga is a blessing for all, criss-crossing age or sex. This ancient art is very much popular among all for its beneficial and life-enriching qualities. Women find it truly helpful in the most important phase of their life i.e. during pregnancy.

For ages yoga has been practiced by pregnant women to avoid any kind of complications during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga ensures pain-free and smooth delivery. And if some soothing yoga music can be included in yoga practicing, it delivers better result.Apart from being in shape and staying healthy, yoga has lot more to offer to the expecting mothers in their most crucial as well as vulnerable stage of life. Many and many women are opting for prenatal yoga for a relaxed and comfortable birthing. It gives protection to both the mother and the baby.

By practicing yoga the mother-to-be can learn to rediscover her own inner strength as well as how to ensure herself and her baby’s overall well being. It is very normal for women to experience fear of pregnancy which sometimes leads to a serious problem. Yoga practiced with meditation music, is also beneficial to overcome this fear of pregnancy.

For those expecting mothers who cannot join a yoga class, various prenatal yoga DVDs available at Spirit Voyage, can be of great help.Meditation is a part of yoga. Meditation is the way to develop a favorable mindset which is very much necessary in this period. Because the happiness of the mother-to-be has great influence in the positive growth of the fetus. So, yoga or meditation helps to develop a positive attitude by controlling any kind of mood-swings and thus it creates a balance in the mind. Yoga music plays a very important role here.

The soothing tunes of the spiritual music fills up the mind with divine purity. Regular meditation makes the woman ready for the childbirth. Whereas the breathing exercises provide more oxygen to the baby in the womb. And above all, the sacred tunes of meditation music will shower the divine blessing to the mother and her child.Practicing yoga during pregnancy promises two vital task, natural child birth and minimal pain during delivery. It also ensures some post-delivery benefits like getting into the right shape, maintaining the proper body weight and strengthening both the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. Yoga helps to get a flexible body which will be able to adjust the changes during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. So, weave the sweet memories of tension-free pregnancy with the yoga DVDs and books offered by Spirit Voyage. Birth Without Violence by Frederick Leboyer, The Awakening by Donna Amrita Davidge, Yoga Para Despues del Embarazo / Postnatal Yoga DVD by Natalie Stawsky, Postnatal Kundalini Yoga for New Mothers DVD by Gurmukh, Baby and Mom Pre Natal Yoga DVD by Gurmukh etc. are some of the yoga CDs and DVDs which are perfect for pregnant women.

Apart from these prenatal and post-natal DVDs, Spirit Voyage also has a huge collection of spiritual music CDs and DVDs. A huge number of CDs, DVDs and books are available on every form of yoga, be it Kundalini yoga or Hatha yoga. The renowned spiritual singers like Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur, Wah, Donna De Lory and Gurmukh have lent their pure soulful voices in these albums.

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