Better Body, Better Earth: Going Green with Yoga

Article by Adrian Desbarats

Yoga. The very word is calming to many of us – it represents time for ourselves, time for our bodies; and time for our souls. In fact, the very meaning of the word is “union,” and in many ways, yoga is a union of the senses. Taking time out of our busy daily lives is so important. It’s a time to reflect, a time to ease tension away, and a time to spend time reconnecting with one of the most important people in your life: youYoga can also be a time to relax in garments that are made just for stretching, energizing, and moving. If you’ve ever attempted to practice yoga in the “wrong” clothing, you know just how uncomfortable this can beDepending on the type of yoga you are practicing, you will have different attire needs. Soft, gentle forms of yoga ,such as hatha, call for comfortable, breathable pants and either loose or snug fitting tops. For more energetic forms of yoga, such as ashtanga, you may want to choose something more form fitting so you can check your postures. And, if you practice a form of hot yoga, such as Bikrams, you’ll want something that will keep you as cool as possible.

For many aspiring yogis, the practice of yoga is about a lifestyle: one that respects the body, and the environment. For that reason, many people who practice yoga opt to wear eco friendly clothing that is sustainably and ethically produced. It only makes sense: to find a true sense of inner peace, one must make choices in every part of their lives that reflect their values. That’s not the only reason to choose sustainable fibers. The fit is often unparalleled, the fabric is perfect for the fluid movements of yoga, and the garments hold their shape for years.

The Reversible Knit Capri is perfect for many forms of yoga, as the shorter length allows you to move freely through any series of poses. Made of certified organic cotton and viscose bamboo, this is a fabulous choice no matter what type of yoga you practice (with the exception of extremely hot yogas, in which case you will most likely want t o wear t he shortest pair of shorts you own). Psst…these pants are completely reversible, so it is like two looks for the price of one).

Searching for yoga tops? You’ll want something that allows you to move in any directionA v-neck top in viscose bamboo and organic cotton is the perfect item to wear to yoga given it’s breathability and moisture wicking properties. Pair it with a sports bra or a snug fitting tank top for a layering effect that will allow you to work through an entire class. The moisture-wicking properties of this eco textile make it ideal for a yoga or pilates session.

The Stress of Spring

The warming months of spring can bring with them a bit of stress as we attempt to stay on top of all our commitments. Adding yoga to your weekly routine is an ideal way to make a commitment to yourself – and keep the stress at bay.

According to Dr. Jeff Micdow, M.D., yoga can also benefit the immune system by focusing on the thymus gland, which is located in the chest. Breathe deeply and open the chest during your yoga practice. “The most beneficial postures for this purpose are the Cobra, the Pigeon, the Fish, the Boat, the Bow, and the Bridge,” states Migdow in his paper “Balancing the Immune System with Yoga.”1

From the yoga studio to home, choosing a healthy lifestyle is a key component in living a life that is full of happiness and balance. Stay healthy, stay fit, and stay fashionable by including a daily or weekly yoga practice in your routine: your body will thank you

So now is a great time to get that eco-friendly yoga outfit you have been desiring – get your life balanced while staying in balance with your eco values

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