Binaural Meditation – The New Approach To Meditation

Article by Peter Dougan

Binaural meditation can be considered a relatively new technique of meditation using the science of binaural beats. This article focuses on the explanation of what exactly are binaural beats and how a binaural meditation program can help you lead a more relaxed and less stressful lifestyle.

Like most people I am sure that you are most likely not familiar with binaural beats or binaural meditation. I will now try to explain, in simple terms, what they mean and how they can change your life.

The scientific definition of binaural beats is: “an auditory brainstem response which originates in each hemisphere of the brain and are the result of two distinct impulses (one to each ear) sent of different wave lengths.” In simpler laymen’s terms this means that the listener is exposed to two different sound frequencies, one in each ear using a set of stereo headphones, these frequencies will then be combined by the mind into another frequency. The result of these binaural beats is binaural meditation, a deep state of relaxation and peace which enables the mind to enter the meditative state much easier and quicker.

Some of the more common and repeated experiences of people using binaural beats are: deep relaxation, accelerated learning, better and deeper sleep, and lucid dreaming. Some people have even experienced such amazing things as an increase in psychic abilities and out of body experiences; although personally, I have not experienced either of the last two, although many people have claimed to have done so.

In order for any binaural meditation technique to be rewarding it is very important that any binaural beats sound tracks be listened to using a set of stereo headphones. By doing this, you will ensure that both binaural beats will be clearly separated, and only heard one in each ear. If you attempt to listen to any binaural beat tracks without a set of headphones the beats will become mixed and their effectiveness will be greatly reduced.

Binaural meditation using bina ural bea ts is a newer approach to meditation and can be extremely helpful to anyone who is just starting to learn to meditate. Binaural beats will bring a person, very quickly, into a deeply relaxed state, and the resulting meditative state is intensely enhanced. For someone who is already experienced in meditation the Binaural meditation method offers extremely intense meditative states which sometimes will clear the way for inner bliss and heightened psychic awareness. It can be an excellent enhancement to your existing meditation techniques.

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