Breath In – Breathe Out: Simple Meditation Technique

Article by Cecil Stout

If you are looking for the simplest and easiest technique for meditating, then you are on the right article. What’s simpler and easier than doing something that is innate in you? Breathing Meditation is as easy as 1-2-3. It’s so easy that it does not require you anything but you and your ability to breathe.Look for a quiet place where you can start your breathing meditation, somewhere away from distractions. Keep away from any gadget or appliance that may alert you and take away your focus from what you are doing. Turn off your cellular phones or just keep them somewhere where they cannot distract you. Make sure also that your meditation spot is away from the busy street. Peace and a serene setting are very important factors for you to reach the meditative state.Start by paying attention to your breathing. Breathing is commonly taken for granted, yet it is the most vital activity of our human body. Without breathing, our body will lack oxygen which is very important for the processes in our body. Meditation by breathing as a technique is very simple and is beneficial. You can do your meditation best when sitting. Meditation while lying is not advised to beginners since that position is very conducive for sleeping, and we don’t want you to fall asleep. Standing up is rather too strenuous for a person to meditate. You can adjust to a more complicated position when you get used to the technique.Take a long, slow, and deep breath. Pay attention to the air that flows from your mouth to your throat to your lungs. Notice the feeling as you take the air inside you. When your lungs are already full of air, hold your breath for one or two seconds. Notice the sensation that you are feeling. Finally, slowly breathe out the air that you have breathed in. Repeat this process. After a few cycles of this process, you will notice that you are calmer and more relaxed.This technique is very easy and reliable. You can do it almost any time, and any place. It’s very simple yet this simple free meditation techniqu e can br ing you real good meditation.To know more about meditation and its amazing benefits, or if you want to learn how to meditate – you can visit <>

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