Breath Meditation: Some of the many ways in which breath meditation can aid you enhance your current well being

Article by Robbie Wilikes

I think Breath Meditation is one of the most potent, but easiest of mediations to learn. It really is my favorite kind of meditation.

Before we start learning about Breath Meditation I’d like to discuss our thoughts. Our mind is produced up of wave patterns. When we feel it causes wave patterns to happen in our brain. There are 4 most important types of brain waves. The pattern we’re in correct now is when we’re awake and thinking, actively using our mind. This first pattern is known as the “Beta Wave”. When we are heading off to sleep and our thoughts begins to quiet and be still, that is the “Alpha Wave”. When we are in a deep sleep and our thoughts is very nonetheless, quite quiet, that is referred to as the “Theta Wave”. The final stage, when we’re in a deep sleep and our thoughts is essentially extremely nonetheless with very small to no activity is referred to as the “Delta Stage”.

The objective in mediation would be to get you to the “Theta/Delta Stage”, which is tough but not impossible. I have found that the Breath Meditation method is among the most effective ways to obtain towards the deeper levels of meditation and quiet your mind. Most individuals who’re new to meditation and are trying a selection of ways to meditate will probably go in between the “Beta and Alpha State”. These stages are extremely relaxing and a wonderful encounter, but with all issues in life the extra you practice the greater you will get. Ultimately you will desire to quiet the thoughts in the “Theta/Delta Stage”. You will visit deeper and deeper levels of meditation to achieve this stage.

I’d like to teach you the most efficient and useful method to quiet the mind with Breath Meditation. It can also be the most difficult way, because though it is simplistic it’s not quick to complete. It’s something easy to realize but tough to do.

The Breath Meditation is really an easy technique. In this form of meditation, what I want you to do is basically “follow your breath”. Follow your breath with no mantra, no prayer word, just very simple and quiet following of your breath. How it works is the fact that you sit in a quiet, comfy location, sitting up with your feet on the floor or legs crossed. As you are sitting there watch your breath. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, and breathe out. You can breathe in through your mouth or your nose, it doesn’t’ matter. The only thing that matters is following your breath. If something distracts you, simply come back to your breath. When strenuous thoughts or uncomfortable thoughts arise or come towards the surface, do not try to ignore them or push them away but instead acknowledge them and go back to your breath. Concentrate on your breath, nothing but your breath. Again, any distractions are acknowledged but always to simply go back to your breath. There are no thoughts, your mind will get quiet and still inside and your brain patterns will begin to go to those deeper levels. You will uncover a deep peace that you might only encounter when you are at a deep sleep at evening; however, with meditation you are giving your mind this break during the day. Stresses will go away, peace will come to you.

I encourage you to try the Breath Meditation and practice it generally. It is really what I think about to be 1 of the most potent meditations in the universe.

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