Bring golden wisdom in your life with Kundalini meditation

Article by Michael Rupp

Kundalini meditation is a form of traditional meditation that has been in practice since last many centuries. This type of meditation is closely linked with the Hindu Chakra system which are the psycho-spiritual energy centers occurring along the spine. As per the tradition of yoga, Kundalini energy begins from the root-chakra and moves through the spinal channel, called sushma. The energy so derived stimulates each of the chakra that it passes through. These chakras have their unique characteristics and perform functions.

Kundalini meditation has many benefits which have been experienced by countless number of people practicing this form of meditation. It helps get rid of sexual suppression, repressed energy, depression and stress. Kundalini meditation also releases emotions like guilt, doubt, anger, sadness, emotion and helps in creating more receptivity in one’s heart. Other benefits of Kundalini meditation include enhancing relaxation and active stages make meditation much easier.

Meditation takes almost one hour and you will be relaxed the entire day and days ahead in your life. Infact according to the experts, one session of Kundalini meditation can help one gain the supreme personal empowerment. Basically its concept is derived from Indian philosophy of yoga which may involve yoga postures, breathing exercises, contemplation and chanting of mantras. Each of this stage as its own benefits. Yoga postures provide physical fitness and various postures give the energy flow throughout the body. The breathing exercises enhance the life force or in simple term the Prana. This is an important phase of Kundalini meditation. Optimum amount of oxygen intake is necessary so that sufficient amount of oxygen is delivered to the brain.

The seven chakras in Kundalini meditation are not just the symbolical beliefs but they are real energy processes inside the body. Root Chakra is located at the base of spine and is energy pathway between metal, spiritual and organic mother. This chakra in Kunda lini meditation will make you more powerful, solid and grounded in terms of physical health. Sexual Chakra is located in sexual organs which becomes active after first chakra captivated and completed in puberty. This chakra in Kundalini meditation makes you more mature and gives you sexual permit. This will increase the sexual charge and give spiritual vitality in sexual feelings.

Power chakra is mainly related to anger, fire, joy, laughter and combustion. With meditation, it balances the emotional and physical conditions. Heart chakra is the center of all the emotional energy available in the universe i.e. love. Also it helps third chakra to be used in more loving ways, second chakra to deliver more sexual energy by love and first chakra to combine spiritual energy with physical. Communication chakra helps one to talk and express our inner feelings to the people.

Intitutive chakra is responsible for controlling the functioning of body and mind at higher levels. The seventh chakra is the crown chakra which is at the top of the head which will come only when the body is set for infinite union and realization. Kundalini meditation is really something that can give you entire feeling of peace and oneself.

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