Buddhism and Meditation

Article by Maria Nikole Dy

Meditation is one word that can be described in a hundred ways but because of its broad concept no precise set of words can give its exact meaning. It is one concept that can be better understood if it were experienced rather than explaining it. Meditation may not have an exact definition but we can always understand it better by knowing what meditation is really meant for.

These days, a growing number of people are getting into meditation and some would ask, why? The very core and importance of meditation is to be able to find inner peace. The peace of mind, body and soul is what meditation is really about. When we say the word “peace” these days, we know that this is one kind of luxury not all of us can afford. Sad but true, a lot of people lead lives based on material things. They are always looking ahead of their future without doing a “self-check” which is important. A lot of people get surprised to find themselves in a turmoil after digging deep into their inner selves. This is when meditation becomes really handy and helpful. Meditation helps us reflect on ourselves and our jive with our surroundings as well. Meditation can also be means of seeking of their purpose in life.

Meditation can come in different forms which depend on the culture, race and philosophy. For each and every person, meditation may come differently according to their concept on this. in one side of the world particularly in Asia, Buddhism is a prominent religion that gives importance of Buddhism meditation as a tool for seeking for the meaning of life. Meditation is associated with enlightenment for Buddhists. They become more aware that the world is one place that can cause us pain and agony and Buddhist have this belief that if we acknowledge the presence of these without doing any action of it, then there is no way for us to be freed from this ordeal. Furthermore, meditation for Buddhists is to free man from pain and agony.

A person should know the reason behind pain and suffering. We should lesse n too mu ch expectation from our surroundings and from ourselves for this can be one cause of unhappiness and this what we should surpass.

Meditation is to be enlightened, to be able to see through life in a more realistic approach and accepting the fact that we are not always in a good situation and this is caused by constant change. Living life to the fullest means taking control of your wants. If we know that what we want is something that is realistic and achievable, we will free ourselves from pain and discontentment.

Meditation simply means the intense search for inner peace and to keep it in us no matter how hard the situation we are in. If we have the right set of goals and inspiration, meditation can help you be more focused in seeing life in the real light and live a life of contentment.

About the Author

Maria Nikole Dy is an online article writer based in the Philippines. More articles on meditation can be found at http://www.meditationforbeginners.org.uk

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