Buddhist Meditation Books

Article by Rasmus Lindgren

Meditation is a complex, integrated process that requires a great deal of advance preparation; and in learning the ideal positions and techniques that are right for you, it may be helpful to consult some top quality Buddhist meditation books.True, a book can’t tell you exactly why you should meditate; the reasons that you adapt this time-honored practice should come from deep within your heart, and be related directly to your quest for personal and spiritual enlightenment.In addition, a book won’t tell you just how you should meditate. The precise positions and techniques that you choose will depend on your personal comfort level; and, even more important, on just what you want to achieve as a meditator.So why, then, should you lay down your hard-earned cash on a meditation book? To put it simply, a book of this sort can be your best friend when you first start to meditate. It can tell you what to expect from the meditation experience, the history and theory of Buddhism, and the best ways to sit, think, dress, and even eat in preparation for this process.A Buddhist meditation book also can serve to psych you up for meditation, inspiring and encouraging you along your path of enlightenment. A really good book might even take the place of an instructor or group session; and, unlike a class, you can pick up and put down a meditation book anytime, in accordance with your schedule and personal needs.When choosing a Buddhist meditation book, be sure to research the author of any text that you consider. You may wish to buy a book written by a monk or a longtime instructor; or you may select a text written by a newcomer to the meditation field, in order to get a fresh perspective on the practice of meditation.Make sure also that the book is written using language and terms that you understand; for no matter how beautifully a book is composed or illustrated, its copy will be of little use to one who doesn’t understand it. Of course, as time goes on and your experience grows, you may wish to advance to mor e sophis ticated books with more difficult language.You might also choose a book that has helpful illustrations to guide your way. Sometimes a picture says a thousand words; and an in-depth illustration of meditative positions can be replicated and duplicated to suit your needs.Buddhist meditation books just may be the ultimate resource for today’s meditator, whether he/she is embarking on their meditative journey or seeking to refine their skills in this area. Why wait to try an experience that just may change your life? Check out some good Buddhist meditation books today.

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Rasmus Lindgren has practiced meditation for several years. You can read more about Buddhist Meditation books on his website. He has also created a free course in Buddhist Meditation targeted at beginners.

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