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Article by Rasmus Lindgren

Which center is best for you?So you’ve decided you’d like to begin or refine your meditation practice at aBuddhist meditation center. Yet you may not know of many good centers in your area, or may not be aware of what to look for in such a place.Meditation centers have been established everywhere from Alexandria, Virginia, to Safety Harbor, Florida, to Glen Spey, New York. Some people even have started chains of Buddhist meditation centers, headed up by traditional monks and/or seasoned educators but hooked up through the wonders of modern technology. The best place to look for a Buddhist meditation center is to consult your local phonebook or go online; better yet, you may want to ask a friend who meditates where they go to study and practice their art, or call a local Buddhist center or university to ask for their suggestions.Just as important as finding the location of a Buddhist meditation center is discovering just what they offer. You want to find a center that staffs trained instructors, preferably monks who not only study the art of meditation, they live it. You seek a center that has a clean, peaceful atmosphere, with a large, quiet area reserved for meditation and a resource library containing a full range of books, CDs, DVDs and magazines concerning Buddhist meditation. In other words, you don’t just want a place to meditate. You want to discover a center that offers information and inspiration in equal measure, as well as a home away from home that will suit your personal and spiritual needs.You also may want to consider the individual atmospheres of any centers you find, selecting one that most accommodates your preferences as well as your personal comfort level. Meditation centers come in a vast variety of styles and forms, and are just as individual as the people who run them.Some Buddhist meditation centers take the form of virtual nature camps. They in essence are open-air retreats that provide lovely natural settings for meditative sessions, complete with flowers, plants, sunshi ne and b almy breezes, and sometimes even wildlife. These centers enable you to get back to nature as you meditate.Other centers are more like Yoga studios, with exercise-style rooms and modernistic facilities, trendy design schemes and instructors in leotards. Still others are based in structures that resemble suburban houses, complete with large, comfy common areas and scenic back yards, smaller classrooms and practical furniture.Ultimately, you want to find a Buddhist meditation center that feels the most like home. Only here will you find the comfort and peace of mind you need to meditate successfully; to find and follow the ultimate path to full and true enlightenment.

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Rasmus Lindgren has practiced meditation for several years and has created a free course in Buddhist meditation center targeted at beginners. He is also author of the ebook Buddhist Meditation targetted at beginners.

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