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Basically and essentially, a good meditation guide takes the guess work out of meditation. You will know in full how, when, where and most importantly why you meditate. You will know what to expect along the path to spiritual enlightenment. And you will learn about the many benefits that come as part of the meditative experience, including truth, purity, peace and love; both for yourself and for others in your life. There are the more strict techniques which are found in the more traditional schools such as zen or to a certain extent the traditional Buddhist meditations. These are not really that suitable for the use of music as the idea is to enforce a sort of nothingness.

You have to simply allow any sort of thoughts or distractions appear in your mind and float away without you exploring them or becoming attached to them. Another pointer to remember to succeed in meditation is to block out any possible distractions which may include loud noises, uncomfortable clothing, extreme temperatures, and the like. The idea is to create a space and assume a position where you body and mind can relax and let go of the demanding thoughts and feelings that usually plague them.

We lose our selves in running ahead of our selves in the possibility of a better future. We get lost in the concern of passing time. We get extremely caught up with our daily routines. We ignore our most important value sometimes just to be accepted by others and we loose our dignity and self-esteem by not following the small promises we make to our own selves. Meditation helps to attain a peaceful state of mind so that stress can be reduced. In mindfulness meditation you need to become more aware of your surroundings. As you become aware with the help of mindfulness meditation you will also become aware of the complicated issues to be faced in life. In mindfulness meditation you have to sit in a quite room and relax.

You must be thinking about hoe to start with the practice. So there is no need to worry if you ha ve no on e to guide you. You can use the Mindfulness Meditation Mp3 that is easily available in the market. These MP3s are very helpful especially for the beginners. Another thing that will help you acclimate with the meditation that you want to go out and do is to meditate on the same place again and again. Having a consistent place that you can go out and meditate to will enable you to acclimate faster. In the last several years, studies have been performed on meditation and its effect on the body. This research has indicated that meditating even 10 minutes a day can bring dramatic effects to the body.

Those who practice Buddhist meditation are, for the most part, more relaxed and serene. They are happier, healthier people with a greater degree of focus and concentration, and are even known to be more honest and just.

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