Buddhist Meditation Retreats

Article by Rasmus Lindgren

The perfect place to meditate.If you’re in search of the ultimate meditative experience, thenBuddhist meditation retreats may be the answer.Buddhist meditation retreats are comprehensive centers for the time-honored meditative practice. This is a place where you can immerse yourself in the art of meditation, learning and practicing the rules and techniques that define this art. You literally breathe, eat, talk and live meditation at these centers, affording yourself the rare opportunity to visit a place of peace, tranquility and ultimate enlightenment.Indeed, a Buddhist meditation center may be the ideal place to learn about and practice meditation. Sure, you could always meditate at home; but you’ll face constant intrusions from your family, from visitors, and from wonderful but loud modern conveniences such as the television, the telephone, the radio, etc. Home may indeed be where the heart is, but it seldom offers a guarantee of absolute quiet and privacy; or the pure, orderly atmosphere needed to facilitate successful meditation.And while a yoga studio or organized meditation class may offer these idyllic conditions, it can not do so on a long-term basis. Many yoga and meditation classes have a duration of only one or two hours per week; not much time to learn all of the techniques and positions associated with meditation, ease yourself into the practice, enjoy a fulfilling meditative session, and draw yourself from the dreamlike state required for its full completion.Particularly for the beginning meditator, the Buddhist meditation retreat is sort of a one-stop shop for all things meditative. You can read books, watch DVDs and-most importantly-speak to trained instructors to learn more about your art. You can practice this art in a quiet, clean, serene environment, one that is in all likelihood naturemade; indeed, many meditation retreats take place in wooded areas or on farms. So as you meditate, you will be immersed in a setting of flowers, plants, green grasses, light breezes, and even sw eeter bi rdsong; the sun will christen your meditative efforts as the flowers sway in their own gentle rhythm.In addition, attendance at a Buddhist meditation retreat is in essence a form of insurance. You will be surrounded by a group of teachers and practitioners who share your commitment to the meditative process. These are dedicated, disciplined people who inspire you to stay the course. They will not allow you to stray from the precepts that are so very vital to the cause of successful meditation. They will be there for you at all times, just as you are there for them.Buddhist meditation retreats offer the ideal atmosphere for the pursuit of full and ultimate enlightenment. Check your local phonebook or the Internet for the location of Buddhist meditation retreats near you.

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Rasmus Lindgren has practiced meditation for several years. You can read more about Buddhist Meditation Retreats on his website. He has also created a free course in Buddhist Meditation targetted at beginners.

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