Can yoga become a source of stress?

My yoga class has become so crowded that I dread going.yoga2.jpg

That’s a good reason to stop going, right? And I have, for now. I’m hoping the multitudes will lose interest sometime soon.

The room is large but more than 50 people have been squeezing in. You have to get there as soon as the previous class ends to find a place for your mat. If you don’t, people will move their mats over so you can fit in, but only begrudgingly.

It’s a gentle class with several poses that move your legs and arms off the mat, so you end up bumping into your neighbor. The teacher encourages everyone to laugh about this, but no one wants to be touching or kicking their fellow yogis during our moments of peace.

So I am saying goodbye to yin yoga for now and will find another class to keep me calm. I promise to return when it becomes less popular.

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