Choosing a Great Meditation Routine

Article by Saddhamala (Nancy Nicolazzo)

We have routines for our workouts, for our children, for meals and holidays. Routines help assure that things get done. Choosing a great meditation routine will assure you take time for meditation – and meditation can assure the rest of your day is met with mindfulness.

Many people say they want to meditate but it is difficult to fit meditation into an already full day. Even a short meditation is beneficial and creating a routine for meditation can help to fit it into the day. Creating a routine takes awareness of your daily activities – to find the best time for meditating.

For some people, waking up ten to twenty minutes earlier than the rest of the household, assures quiet time for meditation. The routine becomes waking up early, meditating, and then carrying on with your other daily routines.

Morning is not the only time we can meditate – for some people the morning just does not work. If that is the case, choosing another time of day for meditation is possible. Perhaps there is time during the day (before children come home from school or when babies are napping) to begin a meditation routine.

For those who work, perhaps taking ten minutes at the end of the work day, before arriving home is the best time for meditation. Many people say that meditating in the evening, just before bed time is a great time to meditate and is a way to relax and fall asleep more easily.

A great meditation routine is a routine that fits with your lifestyle and your daily activities. The key to starting a routine is finding the best time for you considering your other responsibilities and activities and then making it a habit by meditating at the same time for 28 days, after which most people stay with the routine.

About the Author

Saddhamala (Nancy Nicolazzo) is a mindfulness coach, teacher and workshop facilitator. She works with people online and onsite at corporations. She has been a mindfulness practitioner for nearly twenty years. To learn more about mindfulness coaching, click here

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