Common Yoga Poses Included in Various Yoga Programs

Article by Sanki Linkon

Practicing yoga to gain control over mind body and soul has been quite a common procedure followed throughout ages in India Especially the sages and hermits in the olden days had attained great spiritual powers by practicing yoga and its various forms. Yoga is basically a combination of exercises with proper Yoga Poses or postures and a proper meditation technique that involves total control of mind body and soul.Yoga it has been accepted world wide as one of the most useful forms of exercise to bring in a connection of the mind and he body with spirituality and the almighty .However, in order to perform the art in the proper way it is important to pick up the technique from genuinely trained people. Thus Yoga Poses or postures are important while practicing the art as with proper Yoga Poses will only one be able to get the desired results and benefits.For beginners it is important to learn the correct Yoga Poses as sitting or standing correctly is the secret of performing yogic exercise with perfection. It is best to consult experts or join yoga classes that are being conducted at the nearest location from ones home regarding the correct ways to perform Yoga Poses or asanas.However, for those who have no access to such facilities it is advisable to follow techniques from DVDS or CDs and even some of these guidelines can be useful in going about performing Yoga Poses correctly.Yoga Poses like Palm tree pose or Tadasana is performed with standing in a straight posture. Hands are raised on top with palms facing flat upwards. Raise the heels up thereby stretching the arms, legs and shoulders. Stay for a few minutes and relax. Gradually increase the time in this Yoga Pose. It is helpful in increasing height especially for children. Tones the abdominal muscles and strengthens spine.Lotus Pose or Padmasasna is yet another asana that is helpful .It is performed by sitting down with legs stretched in front. Fold one leg in a manner that it touches the groin area with the heel. Now place the other leg on the othe r side similarly. Place hands on the knees. Breathe slowly inhaling and exhaling in rhythm. Hold for a minute or two and release. Relax. This Yoga Pose is extremely helpful to cool and soothe nerves and helps in curing children from restlessness.Bow Pose or Dhanurasana is yet another very helpful Yoga Pose. Lie on stomach. Bend knees and immediately catch feet with both hands. Now slowly raise the head shoulders and chest in such a way that only the stomach touches the surface on which the asana is performed. Hold for a few moments and release slowly. Relax.However going by the basic steps to inculcate the habit of yoga it is important to follow a Yoga Program on a daily basis. There are many Yoga Programs based on the time, age and health of an individual. There are Yoga Programs for 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 minutes or even 60 mins depending on various aspects. There is a basic breathing sessions to order to see to it that inculcating the right attitude towards yoga exercises is developed, to enabling the proper stretching of muscles to strengthen the attention span by emphasizing of focussing on one single thing at a time. The increase in attention span also helps in mediation which is a very important part of performing yoga perfectly. Thus before enrolling into any basic Yoga Program it is important to get one’s priorities

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