Couples Yoga Enhances Intimacy

Yoga provides an amazing workout and numerous health benefits to men and women, so why not participate together? I was excited when I first found out about partner yoga, also called couples yoga. What better way to get intimate with your lover than with perfect postures made for two? Are you ready to learn more about this exotic exercise?

Couples yoga enhances intimacy.
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What exactly is partner yoga?

Partner yoga is designed to be practiced with another person. You can practice with your mate, a friend or a child; however, I will be focusing solely on participating with your significant other.

Practicing this form of yoga with your partner allows you to get to know them on a deeper level, both physically and emotionally. It also allows each person to get a deeper stretch in each posture because body weight is used to push the other person farther into the pose.

The main goal of partner yoga is to better understand your significant other while mutually strengthening trust.

How to get involved in and learn partner yoga

There are instructors who offer partner yoga classes. Search for a yoga studio in your state and call to find out if they offer partner yoga. If they don’t offer it, ask if they would consider starting a class; you may start a new trend in your area.

An excellent way to participate in couples yoga is in the privacy of your own home. Mishabae Edmond, a yoga instructor, offers a DVD and books on yoga for couples. The DVD is titled Intimacy Spa – Sensual Yoga for Couples, and the books are “Intimate Yoga for Couples” (Sensual Routines for Great Sex) and “The Joy of Partner Yoga.”

Yoga poses for couples

Downward-Facing Dog/Angled Upward Salute

While one person is in the traditional downward-facing dog pose, the other does an upward salute at an angle by resting on their partners back. Relax in this pose through several breaths.

Supported Wheel Pose

Take turns getting into the wheel pose. While one person performs this backbend, the other wraps a hand towel around their partner’s lower back and gently pulls it toward his or herself. The towel adds support and makes one feel as light as a feather.

Hand-holding Seated Twist

To perform this romantic, hand holding pose both partners start out in the easy pose while facing one another; then, each partner twists their midsection to the right as they reach their right arm behind their back. At this point, partners will hold opposite hands and delicately pull to deepen the stretch.

To learn more couples yoga poses, watch a musical tutorial on YouTube that provides more than 10 touching (physically and emotionally) poses.

Yoga is great for couples wanting to get fit while flirting

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