Do yoga to be slim?

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Yoga today has been extended to derive a set of simple and practical actions that can effectively help modern people to enhance physical fitness, reduce the work pressure, access to a quiet state of mind. The following problem is a lot of friends just contact yoga have questions, want to make you a better understanding of yoga:

Doubt that one: I am probably too fat, and not suitable for yoga, right?

Rest assured that no such thing, yoga is for all of the word. In order not to embarrass people, and even for obese yoga-based fitness program. The United States there is a 242 lbs weight yoga instructor, she was once a three-round athlete, and later switch to teaching yoga, she said: “do not need to wait until their own people to become slim to start learning yoga, like Monkey horses destined months before and yoga? wanted to learn how you can register at any time of the action. ”

Question 2: My Flexibility is not good enough, not suitable for yoga, right?

Rest assured, there is no such thing as children. You see those feet around the neck of the yoga masters, may have practiced a decade or two, you do not have low self-esteem, yoga in the absence of competition, access to self-improvement is the most important gains. Do yoga, take your time, do not worry, let alone quick results, in accordance with their own situation can be a little bit of progress – and yoga is tolerant, enjoy.

Many yoga instructor will often referred to “Yoga for 50 years,” saying, that is, if this year do “under the Dog-style” heel touch the ground matter how, it does not matter, in the 49 years that one day down the heel can be met land. In addition, many yoga instructors will teach practitioners do not have too strong a sense of purpose.

Question 3: I can do to lose weight through yoga?

Yes, now derived a lot of yoga for weight loss, and different types of yoga have different effects, for example, to burn calories to do ashtanga, rather than the yin.

The burning of calorie s is not the focus of yoga classes, really want to lose weight must include aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, etc. You really want to join the forces of strong muscle Zexu weightlifting exercises, so that it quickly bear fruit combinations.

Question 4: I am a religious, you can do yoga?

Yes, yoga music, although sometimes with religious themes, yoga instruction video, and sometimes out of the phenomenon of the first God Genie Sha, it vulnerable to conflict with other religion followers. But yoga is geared towards the spirit of enjoyment and physical exercise, has nothing to do with religion, the letter other religion will not be forced to accept a religious act uncomfortable.

Question 5: What kind of clothes do I need?

Can be relaxed comfortable, and there is no fixed dress requirements. Be aware of their clothes is suitable, you can try for yourself to be a dog-type under the action, take a look at too tight or it will flee. Bare feet, remove all the accessories, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches and so on.

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