Does Meditation Help Quit Smoking

Article by Nathalie Fiset

Is it true that meditation could really help a smoker in any way possible? Possibly, yes.

We cannot disprove something that is yet to be proven, in this case the alternative medical approach called meditation.

Meditation has long been considered as one of the very few ways by which man could access himself without really having to accommodate the intervention of the logical mind. Meditation helps relieve the stress of everyday life and it helps the person rejuvenate his mind to function more effectively. Apart from these, meditation is also considered as a cure to some diseases and disorders, especially those that are infiltrated mostly by stresses.

Stress though doesn’t have to be physical; oftentimes it is what affects the mind of the smoker that causes more aggravated troubles. It makes the mind weak resulting to the deterioration of the body and the will to continue what was first a goal. Thus, people who want to quit smoking ought to consider methods that may not be supported by medical science but nonetheless effective enough as to warrant results that are directly or indirectly connected with the target object.

Millions of Americans each day attempt to break the habit that have cost them money, lost of social acceptance and of course the worth of each second of their lives. Normally, they would start out strong, having the full conviction to call power for mind to take over matter. In this way, they could easily repress the urges without really having to to battle their own want to smoke. They simply have the stamina to continue what they have set their minds for. But by the time they come upon the serious emotional barrier they will, in just a matter of seconds, consider relapsing. This is when some people find themselves heading back to the smoking area which they consider as their comfort zone. However, too few people would really be able to make the difference and continue to pursue his smoking cessation program.

Thos who ran at the slightest provocative emotion to smoke will find initial relief. But this is followed by the fear, guilt and consciousness- sometimes over consciousness- on the hopelessness of his case. Thus the breakdown. But this must not be so. Thus, meditation comes in rescue.

But as you might see later, meditation to help quit the smoking habit acts in two very dissimilar ways. For one, it will relive the person from the pressure of temptations but on the other hand, the person will be rescued from the pressure of not being able to meet the goal. The former conceives the smoking cessation on a much brighter side since meditation could help drive the person with complete motivation to stay quit even when the mind calls for a last smoke. But the latter will somehow help prepare the person to commit himself to the quit smoking plan…again.

The question of whether mediation helps does not inquire on HOW exactly this method helps but on the possibilities of supporting helpful measures. Again, our answer to that is yes even if this means that meditation contributes too little in the greater scheme of things when smoking cessation is concerned. Let us show you the reasons…

Quitting a habit needs mental conditioning that would prepare the mind to the battles that it would encounter sooner or later, depending on the threshold of the smoker. Let us stress that smoking and nicotine are very addictive and once a person begins a program that would eliminate these components in his system, his body would react with either the dramatic or gradual change. But once the body or the mind reacts to the changes, the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal would arise. These are the very last thing you would really want to face but you have no choice but to face them.

There are a lot of methods and techniques that would you get through a day of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. If you want, you could self administer nicotine replacement devices. BUT there are other options aside form those that you would spray, attach or inhale nicotine substance wit h. You c ould devise a way by which you can repress the urges without really having to use anything but the power of your mind which by the way, has been proven to be so powerful that it could do anything you would ask from it.

So if you want to try something that is definitely not a health hazard and something that could contribute to your general well-being, why not summon the powers of meditation and create changes in your life for good.

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