Does Stress Management Meditation Really Work?

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Article by Ray Miller

Some people like me initially used to be very skeptical about the very concept of Stress Management Meditation The question that crossed my mind like others is how can one possibly sit and concentrate when stressed out? However, seeing others experiencing relief and a positive change in life practicing Stress Management Meditation, made me change my perspective and rethink

There’s no denying the fact that our mind is the first one to get affected under stressful conditions. The synchronization of our thoughts is disrupted whenever worries seep deep into our consciousness and starts controlling how we think. The solution that stress management meditation offers is learning the art of focusing all our energy to tell our mind to relax implementing the ancient skill of meditation.

Meditation helps you to focus your mind on a single idea, letting everything disturbing just dissolve away to nothing. One such stress management meditation technique is the ‘chakra meditation’, which significantly helps in the development of energy and mind control, with the bonus of being highly effective in developing an individual’s deeper consciousness.

Here is a set of relaxation responses through natural, deep breaths towards the diaphragm. Find out how easily you can slide into a relaxation mode with these:

1. Breathe naturally and deeply-Remember, just inhale deeply, naturally, and slowly only through your nose as you perform each relaxation technique. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Feel the air being drawn deep into your lungs by your stomach muscles and diaphragm.

2. Position your back in an upright posture- This helps to keep you aware and awake, so that you gain control over your autonomic responses.

3. Relax your shoulders- Most people tend to tense their shoulders trying to sit or stand in an upright posture. Relax your shoulders to relax both sides of your neck. Tensed up shoulders lead to neck tension, and then tension in the head which result s in hea daches and dizziness.

4. Hold your head up, but loosely- Keep your head upright, but feel as if it is floating. This allows improved circulation of fluids going to and from your head.

5. Relax vision- Focus as if you’re gazing vacantly towards a distant horizon. Keep breathing deeply and naturally.

For stress management meditation seek a peaceful place. You always have to start with a serene and solitary place for stress management meditation. So choose a location with the least amount of noise or even go camping out with nature You can use scented candles, incense or oils that will help to induce your mind into a relaxed meditative state

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