Each and every one of you matter in shifting and healing this planet. All of us have our part to play in making this world better. Let’s play it.

How do we do it?

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I feel all too often we focus on what’s wrong with the world, without offering positive, constructive solution on what to do.

We definitely need to bring things into awareness, we need to show people what’s under the covers, what’s actually going on. What the mainstream media wilfully ignores. We need to research, to educate ourselves, to know what’s amiss.

But you can easily get bogged down with such information. You see the horrors that are happening and you start to feel despair, fear, anger and ultimately….apathy.

So the question one should ask is – how can I make a difference in the world? How can I use the information I’ve gained through my research to better myself and this society?

For example, if you know there are poisons in our food and our water, eat foods that are more natural, less processed, organic… Don’t eat junk food, listen to your body and be aware of how it responds to what you eat.

Take care of your health. If you can, use a water filter. Exercise, don’t lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you feel they help and feel better after them, take natural supplements. Breathe.

If you have the option and the money to do so, become self-sustainable. Grow you own food. Get your own power (solar cells for example),…etc.

You don’t have to be rich to do at least some of these things. Almost anyone can live better and healthier if they make some positive choices.

If you feel the propaganda is getting to you, stop consuming it. Most of you already do this, but become more aware of the shows you are watching, the movies, as well as the music, books and newspapers you read. Don’t let any media brainwash you mind. This applies to the Internet and Reddit as well.

If you feel despair and inner pain, if your emotions are overwhelming you, consider getting yourself into a meditative practice of your choosing. You can embrace and dissolve your pain. You can look within and face your demons, your fear, anger, grief, guilt….and transform them into gold.

(As I have already shared in a previous post, here is an article with a short meditative practice on how to deal with inner pain, with more links to other processes at the bottom of the article itself: – Embracing and dissolving pain and suffering )

Use your skills to share the awareness brought to you. Use your ability to write, to paint, draw, make music, …. any kind of art, any kind of creative process. Use your creativity to express a high level of awareness of the world and of yourself.

Nowadays, we can easily see how music has become dumbed down. Isn’t that why we are so in love with older music – because it had a message that was deeper than the mere surface? It was socially critical, it brought awareness to various issues, it had depth, it talked about inner demons and the path through them to peace, love and joy.

I believe every one of us has a part to play. We all need to check what we’ve learned and start creating, bettering ourselves, looking within and finding peace and love, facing our pain – and expressing ourselves freely, expressing ourselves creatively.

That’s how you “bring down the system”. You don’t fight it. You use your talents, your knowledge, your abilities to change it, make it better, improve our world, as well as bring the light of awareness to the issues that matter.

You all have talents, knowledge, abilities – more than you give yourself credit for. Some of you can write, others can paint, there are musicians among you, others are social butterflies that can easily talk and spread awareness in large crowds…. some of you may be programmers, software developers, film-makers….there are so many talents that I’ve left unmentioned so look within and get to know yourself – you will see that you are actually talented beyond your wildest dreams.

The lie you have been told is that you are a mere cog in the global machine. That you are a worthless peon. That is what many have drilled into their mind. People think the celebrities on the TV are Gods while they are unimportant peasants, hackeys without true talent or abilities, without amazing skills and life.

If you haven’t found your talent yet, then you haven’t truly looked within and gotten to know yourself. Write a diary, introspect, ask yourself questions and stay in stillness for the answers to arise, meditate, go into nature, do what you love, make room for your passions.

This is how you come to yourself – you follow your inner guide, that peace, love and joy that you are ignoring right now. You already know the way to freedom, to peace. You know how to save the world, you know what part you need to play. You’re just avoiding it, you’re afraid, you’re angry. Forgive, let go, breathe, embrace and love your pain. Then go. Do it.

Many of you are already doing this, but I know many others are in apathy, fearing when a potential WW3 may come, when the next mass shooting or terrorist attack will hit, when shit will hit the fan, the economy collapse… etc.

This system must change. There is no doubt about that. Why? Because it is creating so much suffering for us, as well as for the totality of our biosphere, all the animals and plant-life, thousands of species going extinct and suffering in pollution.

We know we can’t go on like this. So we need to create a new world in place of the old one. We need to look within, embrace our pain and find the freedom and peace beyond it. We need to let that peace, our intuition, guide us to creative, positive action, that can help make this world the Utopia it’s meant to be.

Don’t despair my friends, together we can do it. All of you play a role in this. Every last one of you. Discover the role and you’ll see that by living your freedom, living your destiny, living the role you were meant to live, the change you were meant to embody, you’ll find a deep satisfaction and freedom in your life.

Follow your bliss and know that you are bliss.

Much love to you all and Happy New Year!


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