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The world is moving very fast and with it everything is changing at a rapid pace. Meditation techniques are also changing and newer methods are being devised each day to relax the mind and the body. People prefer to use these modern methods over the traditional meditation techniques to get better results. Practicing meditation with binaural beats is a happening thing now. These specialized beats help in meditating better. These binaural beats create a direct impact on our brainwaves and help in relaxing and calming the mind and the body. This is a widespread technique that is opted in the Western world nowadays. It has been scientifically proved that these kinds of meditation tools help in changing the behavior and the mood of a person to a great deal in very little time. Traditional meditation techniques also help in doing the same but they take a longer period to be really effective.

Binaural beats are available in the form of meditation CDs and are commonly available in music stores. It is best to listen to these beats by using a headphone, while practicing the various meditation techniques. It is a proved fact that binaural beats help in reaching the desired meditative state in very less time as compared to any other meditation tool. Actually this tool enhances the process of mind and body relaxation and thus it becomes much easier to focus the mind on something specific very soon. It is always difficult to concentrate or focus on something with a disturbed mind. It is interesting to understand how the binaural beats function as successful meditation techniques. The sound waves that are produced by the beats reach the two ears at different frequencies, one a little greater than the other. Therefore, to get optimum benefits out of binaural beats, it is best to use stereo headphones.

The two frequencies of binaural beats in both the ears should not have very high difference. It is ok if the difference is of 10-15 Hertz. The frequency difference should not be more than 40 Hertz in any case . When both the sounds combine, they have a synchronization effect on the brain, which helps the mind in relaxing and concentrating. Since it is very convenient and easy to use, it has become one of the most preferred meditation techniques for many people. The waves that are produced by the binaural beats are also classified into various segments depending on the frequency range and on the areas that they are associated to. For instance, gamma waves are there in the frequency range of >40Hz and are associated with stress and perception, while theta waves are in the range of 4-7 Hz and are associated with deep meditation techniques, dreams and REM sleep. Apart from these two, there are alpha beats, beta beats as well as delta beats in different frequency ranges and having different functions.

Meditation techniques with the help of binaural beats are great for students as they help to concentrate, increase memory and help to retain knowledge.

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