Everything you Need to Know About Yoga Equipment

Article by Brett McDonald

Yoga equipment? Who needs it? There are so many great things about yoga – it energizes, relaxes, slims, and you can do it anywhere, anytime and with no need of special clothes or props. But once you get deeply into your practice, you’ll want to get some yoga equipment that will expand and deepen your performance. Here’s a look at some of the more useful yoga kit.

Yoga mats are perhaps the most essential. Yes you can do yoga on your carpet but having a dedicated yoga mat really enhances your practice. For one thing a purpose built yoga mat is especially designed for performing yoga poses in terms of thickness and density and stickiness. A sticky surface is a non-slip surface which is essential in doing yoga poses.

Your yoga mat also defines your yoga space and creates the mood for your practice. The very act of unfurling your yoga mat can put you into the perfect frame of mind to do yoga.

Yoga bolsters are useful in the beginning stage of yoga as they give you support when you do your asanas. Later when your limbs become supple you won’t need yoga bolsters so much but in the early days they can provide vital support for your spine, abdomen and legs.Yoga straps are another useful tool for the beginner who is not yet limber enough to do many of the postures.Made out of cotton or nylon, you can loop these straps around parts of your body that you can’t reach. They give you more confidence in doing your poses and help you hold them longer. As with bolsters, when your body becomes supple, you won’t need them so much.Yoga blankets are nice to put on top of your yoga mat. If you use a vinyl mat, having a living fabric such as wool or cotton on top will make it feel so much nicer. They also add a layer of softness which you’ll be glad of during certain strenuous asanas. Yoga blankets can also let you keep warm after practice in cold studios or outdoors.

So once you’ve made some progress in yoga and are looking for ways to expand your practice, look into getting some yoga equipment. With some of these po werful yoga props to help you, you’ll become adept in no time.

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