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Article by Ishika Gill

Since the past 5,000 years, Yoga has been phenomenal in reviving the lives of the people who have always wanted to emancipate themselves. Yoga helps us to discover ourselves and it helps to nurture our positive aspects. Yoga helps us to emerge as better human-beings and arms us to deal with the challenges of day-to-day life. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning “union”. It enables a person to take control over his/her mind, body and soul. Yoga teaches us to be better human-beings who would contribute to the society. Tremendous physical benefits are the immediate by-products of Yoga. But the long-term benefits are even better. A person becomes mindful and aware of his surroundings and thus can lead a better life.An important part of Yoga is meditation. Yoga deals with the physiological aspects and the psychological aspects, and leads a practitioner to a higher level of consciousness. Meditation makes one calm and composed. In today’s world, we are increasingly becoming entangled in the troubles of day-to-day life. There is too much mind chatter that has engulfed every individual. In such situations, meditation provides an easy escape route to help find one’s self and achieve a state of consciousness. Meditation when practiced with meditation music helps him connect with the inner self. A person suddenly finds a better way to deal with problems and miseries. Meditation music CDs offered by Spirit Voyage are guaranteed to help an individual find that elusive peace. Illumination by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa is a meditation music that can be easily sung along and listened to. Then, there is Kundalini Meditation by Harijiwan Khalsa and the Deva Premal complete music collection, featuring the soulful voice of Deva Premal that will surely make the listener feel joyful. Meditation for Transformation can also help an individual discover himself. This CD contains two 31-minute versions of this special meditation. Within the packaging is a detailed description of the mudra to use in practicing the med itation accompanied by details of the benefits of doing the meditations.Kundalini Yoga has gained a huge popularity amongst the people worldwide. For thousands of years, the yogic technology of kundalini was veiled in secrecy and passed only from master to chosen disciple. Today, the sacred practice of Kundalini yoga, known for its ability to promote health, creativity, and spiritual awareness, is alive and flourishing in yoga studios nationwide. Kundalini Yoga is not just a simple set of exercises. It is a dynamic and powerful way to increase one’s awareness. It is not only beneficial to one’s glandular system, but also gives an immense boost to the nervous system, thereby increasing the coordination between the brain and the rest of the body. Meditation consists of an important aspect of Kundalini Yoga. After the Kriyas or the actions, a person is required to meditate to calm his/her body and mind. Yoga is a fun filled and joyous experience when it done under proper guidance and under proper wear. Choosing right kind of Yoga clothes are immensely important for practicing yoga. The Yoga clothes from Spirit Voyage are all stitched in natural and moisture control fabrics. The stylish cuts and full elasticity of these yoga wears shall help a practitioner to move his/her body parts freely, while performing different asanas.We, at Spirit Voyage have a host of Yoga music CDs and DVDs which can assist a person in experiencing divinity through Kundalini Yoga. There is Kundalini Yoga to Detox by Maya Fiennes, Kundalini Yoga: a complete course for beginners compiled by Nirvair Singh Khalsa and finally An introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Chanting by Mantra Girl. Kundalni Yoga for balanced chakras by GuruTej Kaur lets one take good control of the energy circles throughout the body. The practices will intiate powerful Kundalini energy flow from the base of the spine, through the energy circles(chakras), to the entire bio-magnetic field. Kundalini Yoga for Relaxation composed by Nirvair Singh Khalsa is a beautiful Yoga DVD that provides deep insights and fun-filled exercises which can put the person into a perfect physical and mental condition. Select a Kundalini Yoga DVD to transform your innerself and experience an eternal bliss. With Spirit Voyage Yoga Music collection, delve deep into the world of serenity and tranquility. You can also browse through the different accessories that Spirit Voyage offers. There are yoga and meditation cushions, yoga rugs and yoga mats on offer. These Yoga Mats shall offer proper cushioning against the hard wood floors, hence allowing the practitioner to practice the asanas, all the more perfectly.

Relax your mind and create a transcending experience as you listen to the yoga and meditation music from Spirit Voyage. Let the serene Kundalini Sadhana Music and the Sanskrit Mantras, the Healing and Massage Therapy Music or the Downtempo and Chill Music lead your senses to a mystic high and evoke a spiritual mood within.

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