Five Reasons Why We Should All Take Up Meditation

Article by Ian Mercer

Meditation is becoming an integral part of the lives of many ordinary people these days. In times gone by, meditation was the preserve of mystics, monks, and wandering ascetics. These people used meditation to achieve a higher state of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

Since the 1950’s things have been changing quite dramatically in this respect. More and more ordinary people are practicing meditation as part of their daily routine. This is because meditation has been proven on many levels to help us in our modern day lifestyles.

Meditation is basically about concentrating upon ourselves for a short period of time on a regular basis. This may sound a little selfish and possibly it is, but when we are constantly concentrating on the needs of others, and not our own needs, we become stressed and fatigued to the point that we are unable to service those needs effectively.

These days most of us go out to work to support our families, on top of that we still have our homes to maintain, we like to spend quality time with our partners and children, we fit in shopping, school runs etc. etc. etc. All of these activities allow precious little time for ourselves to “just be”, this is my definition of meditation.

We all need time to ourselves in order to best serve others.

The beauty of meditation is that anyone can do it, we do not need to spend hours meditating each and every day for it to have positive effects on our well being. Even five or ten minutes per day can be highly beneficial, in fact little and often is normally more beneficial than giving up a large chunk of time once in a while.

I now list five of the many benefits that can be gained from meditation.

1. Meditation Enables Us To Show More Empathy Towards Others

2. Meditation Enhances Our Moods

3. Meditation Helps Alleviate Pain

4. Meditation Improves Our General State Of Health

5. Meditation Helps Us to Age Better And Live Longer

If this short article makes you fe el that you would like to give meditation a go, do some further research into the many forms and methods of meditation and give it a try. I promise you that you won’t regret it

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