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When you decide yourself to follow the path of yoga then you have to know in which direction you are moving and what is it mean. It doesn’t create any doubt that yoga is not a new word for anyone and everybody possess a little bit knowledge about yoga.

Mostly the word yoga invokes a personality from the mysterious stage of body exercise and in somehow of meditation images. But in recent years it becomes the profession and the way to feel the spiritual tradition of our ancient which serve them better than others. To become a yoga teacher is best way to serve the services of your goodness.

It’s the innate component of nature gift to everyone. Yoga teacher training is best way to learn the art of nature and the ancient history of our Indian tradition. There are many ways goes in the way of Teacher training but you have to choose the right one among all. It doesn’t have much complication to become a yoga teachers but the thing is the teacher must have a unique personality with the vast knowledge for each and everything which the teacher has to serve for their learner. YOGA TEACHERs TRANING:

The yoga teacher training passes through with the involvement of several steps and these are:-• Position of Asanas• Chakra-asans• Mudras• Pranayam• Niyamas and yamas• Yoga theory and philosophy • Anatomy and psychology of the person• Yoga teaching tips • Yoga ethics • Work with every kind of person • Assisting with the arrangement

If the learner follows these guidelines with the patience and dedication then definitely a good teacher will emerge out from your personality.


The persons who are going to take initiative to investigate about yoga one thing is universal true that the yoga don’t end till it’s physical exercise, stretches, meditation exercise and other mode of relaxation. It has its own vast universe and if you are coming in this universe then you should have patience and some efforts also.

Yoga is a fabulous way to get t he physi cal fitness and mental peace but to become a yoga teachers you need to expose yourself without any boundaries. When you become a yoga teacher then you can start your own yoga training centre at professional level, but a successful yoga teacher need to careful about some crucial topics like Business Development for yoga, Communications for Yoga Business, Marketing Essentials for Yoga Instructors, strong Networking Strategies to Build your Client.

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