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Week 1 of the Video Blogging Challenge [Live Historically: SCUBA Dive]

On 1.8.2011, I documented that by 1.8.2012 I would be PADI Certified. On 1.8.2012 I completed my coursework and all but one skill test; I am nearly ready to do my Open Water Test and be PADI Certified. The skill test that holds me back is taking off my mask under water. Objective: Inhale through regulator, exhale through nose. Full remove mask, place back on face; expel all water and clear mask. Maintain deep steady breaths; do not inhale through nose (duh). So this seems simple enough, but for me it is actually quite the daunting task. One small step away from knocking this baby off my list, not to mention swimming with turtles Sometimes it’s fear that keeps us from doing something, sometimes it’s greatness. An often times, it is fear of greatness. [Live Historically] We keep ourselves from setting out to do something amazing, because we know we can do it and it can be scary to chase a dream. Educating yourself on what you need to do to get there paves the steps, and the road truly leads to greatness. In order to complete my Live List, I will Live Historically; I will communicate my intended goals and tasks; I will document the steps I need to take / by when; and I will document my experience. Enough making senseless lists that have no life in them. It is time to set timers, live life a little finer and pay attention. This will be a year of greatness; this will be the year I Live Historically. God bless and be good 🙂

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