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It is now very common to see people becoming more and more interested in yoga and the reasons for this are quite few. It has been proven beyond doubt that yoga is a holistic approach to health problems, both physical and mental. There are a number of exercise which results in amazing benefits if they are done on a regular basis. This is perhaps the only bunch of exercises that addresses the mental, physical and spiritual well being of an individual. It is one of the few exercises that is very cost effective and even ordinary persons can aspire to perform simple yoga exercises after a few of days of training from a yoga guru. Further yoga does not require specialized equipment or cost accessories as is the case with a number of gym exercises where there is a need to spend a lot of money.

However, there are some basic things that are required for performing yoga the right way. These small things are needed because the performance of yoga involves a number of bodily contortions. Though experienced people can do it in the floor beginners may find it quite difficult to easily get into some asanas or poses as they are more commonly known. For such people it would be advisable to use the various to use the various yoga blocks and props which could help them to do the asanas with ease and without the risk of getting hurt or injured. Over the next few lines we will be discussing more about these yoga props and blocks and find out how they can make the whole job of yogasana comfortable and easy.

As the word itself suggests a yoga props are basically used as tools to support your body and to help you get to the perfect position which is crucial as far as performing the various asanas are concerned. On the other hand a yoga block is also a kind of a prop which helps a sick person to get into a perfect asana which otherwise would not be possible. Though yoga is indeed a holistic approach but the problem with it is that all the asanas have to be done properly and as instructed by your teacher. If i t is not done in the right way it could become counter productive and could also run you into getting into some avoidable injuries. In such situations yoga blocks and props can help you to do the asanas in the right way.

There are some very difficult poses in yoga and the persons doing such poses are supposed to be in that position for a particular period of time. In such situations these yoga blocks can come in very handy. There are hundreds of such poses that one can think of as far as yoga is concerned. One particular pose or asana is called “pincha mayurasana” which actually means as the “feathered peacock pose”. This is a very difficult pose and can be done only with the help of proper yoga blocks. It would also be not out of place to mention here that yoga and meditation music can go very well together and there are some very soothing and clean music that can use be very useful in helping people to perform these difficult yogic asanas.

Yoga blocks are usually made from a variety of materials. The most commonly used materials or bamboo and cork. These materials apart from being comfortable on the persons are also very eco friendly and hence they are the preferred materials for various yoga blocks and props. Though foam is also used as material from the environment point of view bamboo and cork are the preferred materials. They are also very light in weight. These yoga blocks and props are sold individually and also in blocks but it would always be advisable to buy both the necessary blocks and props for the best results. The blocks also help a lot in the alignment of the body and are often found to be very useful for performing those standing asanas which require having one hand on the floor. They are also very useful for performing a number of sitting poses.

The blocks help improve the body alignment and are especially useful in standing poses which require one hand to be on the floor. They can work as great transitional aids while doing yoga. The foam yoga block will reduce the distance of the h and from the ground helping you to get the correct pose. They are also useful for some sitting poses. Further it has been generally believed that when an individual is required to work at three different heights, the use of yoga blocks and props become almost indispensable. There is one particular pose called Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana). This is a standing pose which requires the doer to see that one leg is extended parallel to the floor while the balancing is done with the use of the arm. This pose is a very difficult one and it cannot be done properly without the use of the right kind of yoga blocks and props. Yoga and meditation music go together and so it would be advisable to go in for some soothing music which will help you to concentrate better while performing even the most difficult of asanas.

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