Guide to Buddhist Meditation

Article by Rasmus Lindgren

When seeking a top quality Guide to Buddhist Meditation, you should be looking for far more than a good read; an interesting book that may give you a few helpful pointers regarding the finer points of meditative theory and practice.For while the market is flooded with a wide variety of yoga and meditation books, a true Buddhist meditation guide will offer far more than suggestions for positions and techniques, and outline much more than just the expected benefits of the meditative practice.Indeed, a good guide to Buddhist meditation will be just that; a comprehensive yet easy to read primer that will tell you everything you need to know, about everything from theories to positions to innovations in this area. And this volume of facts and theories should inform you, not only about meditation, but about the integrated and complex school of Buddhist thought that lies behind it.This will not be a cheap pop culture text that defines a popular fad; and unfortunately, in the eyes of some, meditation has become a fad. No, a true Buddhist meditation guide will give you a basic working history of Buddhism, with all its theories, leaders, meanings and benefits. The book will approach this subject from a variety of angles, giving you a quick but needed education in the time-honored discipline of Buddhist meditation.You will learn all about the deep sense of peace and enlightenment available through the Buddhist lifestyle. You will learn how to purify and sanctify your life, and how to integrate the precepts of Buddhism into your everyday existence. Most of all, you will learn how to meditate in a way that is, not only relaxing, but truly fulfilling and enlightening. Far from just taking up a new hobby, you just may be inspired to adopt a whole new way of life.Essentially, a good Buddhist meditation guide will not be a general listing of positions and techniques. The book instead will be a trusted friend that will guide you on your journey to meditative success, outlining any problems or challenges you may fa ce along the way; and providing you with enough power and inspiration, not only to overcome these challenges, but to thrive in their wake. Ultimately, you will master the art of meditation. Perhaps one day you will become an instructor, a master, or even a monk; and someday, you may even write your own Buddhist meditation book.By the time you finish a good Guide to Buddhist Meditation, you will know about far more than the basic techniques, theories and practices of meditation. You will be awakened to a whole new, wonderful world: the timeless and divine world of Buddhism.

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Rasmus Lindgren has practiced meditation for several years and has created a free course in Guide to Buddhist Meditation targeted at beginners. He is also author of the ebook Buddhist Meditation targetted at beginners.

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