Guided Meditation Script – Use One To Achieve The Deep Meditative Levels

Article by Giselle Toner

There is no dearth of people wanting to join the supernatural bandwagon, but some fail to do so because they find it hard to concentrate and achieve the deep meditative state required to experience true meditation. A guided meditation script can be a useful instrument to help the meditation practitioner achieve the desired transformational experiences. A lot of yoga and meditation practitioners have found meditation scripts invaluable for finding the realm of altered states of reality. It is difficult to reach the desired pinnacle of inner experiences without a relaxed mind.

Definition of a guided scriptA guided meditation script is a series of verbal prompts played from a Yoga DVD or an audio tape to lead the practitioner through the meditation. The verbal cues are designed to achieve deep meditative self-awareness and altered states of consciousness. The prompts can be from a live person or from a mix of sound and music. It is preferred that the music not contain any lyrics as they can be a distraction in themselves. Binaural beats are a popular choice among yoga and meditation practitioners. Binaural beats entrain the brain waves at frequencies that allow easier transitions into a blissful state of self-awareness.

Advantages of guided scriptsA guided meditation script is immensely helpful when it comes to staying focused during meditation. It is not very difficult to lose your focus and find your thoughts drift away while sitting in a silent, semi-darkened room. In comparison, meditation scripts have been found to be very effective in getting the practitioner to the level of concentration required for attaining the relaxed state of mind. Once you have reached that meditative state, you will experience the most reflective and philosophical breakthroughs. It is up to you to select what you think can be more useful for you from an array of meditation scripts available.

The possibilities are unlimited and will present themselves to you provided you are looking for them and looking in the right place: inside yourself. Be a believer and open up your mind and soul and you will discover a whole new world of meditative and health benefits of yoga. You can rest assured that this will be an experience like none other.

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