Guidelines For Doing Yoga

Article by Amelia Sherman

Yoga is a fabulous approach to keep fit. In case you had always thought of beginning yoga and didn’t know where to commence, you can follow the following suggestions :

Tip 1: Choose a type of yoga that you want to practiceYoga is not only a sequence of stretches and bends for diverse parts of the body. Yoga is made up of many alternative varieties. There is a different variety for different body and personality types. You should find about the variety that is acceptable for you.

Tip 2: Locate a Yoga Class in Your NeighbourhoodIf you are new to yoga, you would certainly not be well versed with different yoga postures and asanas. It is for this reason that you would need help initially when learning. You can get this help from an expert who will keep an eye on you as you progress learning yoga. You can look for yoga classes nearby your place. Yoga classes not just fetch you the services of an expert but also help keep your motivation levels high.

Tip 3: Make a list of the things that you needModern yoga makes use of certain props. You may require these props as you practice yoga. You can make an enquiry about the various props or accessories that you would need to practice yoga from your instructor. Put these accessories together in the shape of a handy kit that you

Tip four : Prepare yourself for thorough physical trainingYoga would not be as easy a set of exercise as it may seem. Though it may look like an odd stretching and twisting of different body parts, in reality it is a stretching of the different muscles inside the body. Hence, if you haven’t moved a single muscle of your body for quite a long time the first few days would be difficult to get through. Soreness and pain in the body would be a typical situation. Bear it but do not stop coming to yoga classes. The pain and stiffness would gradually subside.

Tip five : how to tackle the situation in case you aren’t able to find a yoga instructor?You don’t need to be too concerned in case you don’t find a yoga in structor in your area. There are a range of instructional DVDs on yoga available in the market. Choose any of them. Understand the yoga instructions properly from these DVDs and then try them out.

Tip 6 : What to do and what not

Do’s * In case you aren’t sure, ensure that you consult your teacher.* in order to familiarise yourself with various yoga postures, follow what others are doing in the yoga class.* Never wear tight fitting clothes. Instead, opt for clothes that offer flexibility.

Don’ts :* Don’t eat and fill your stomach prior to a yoga session.* You should drink water only before and after the yoga session. Avoid drinking water during the yoga session.

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