How Do You Meditate Properly?

Article by Mike Handy

Every action and activity has rules and guide to do for get the best result. It is same with the meditation. You should be meditating properly to get benefit from all type of meditation. Many question stated from beginner of meditate especially how do you meditate properly?

To get meditate properly; you must know what is the goal of meditation. Here, I will use dragon meditation techniques as case study. This is having three main goals like: 1. Health and relaxation, 2. Spirituality 3. Martial arts. All goals must get together with one technique in meditation. This is techniques useful for generate vibration and level of concentration in this activity.

Lets discuss shortly one by one. Health and relaxation benefits appear in every meditation including in this techniques. In health side, dragon meditation techniques useful for improve our health and to do healing process with its vibration. It is also relaxation methods because after do these activities you will feel relax, fresh and free of stress.

Spirituality will develop in meditation if you apply your pray based on your religion or ways. I am always suggesting everyone who does mediation to pray before and after meditation. But, if you are pray along meditation, then this is very good. So, spiritual side always place in meditation whatever type of meditation you do. You will remember to God in meditation. It is will give you more power in meditation. Pray in dragon meditation techniques will improve vibration quality. This vibration is useful for healing activity and self shield in martial arts.

Next discuss is martial arts. This technique is useful for martial arts because the vibration will use as virtual self shield. I am sure every meditation will generate vibration like magnet wave in your hand. This is useful build vibration power to stop attacker when you are in dangerous. Whatever your meditation you must feel vibration and keep feel it till the biggest quality.

To get meditation properly, you must learn in deta il all guide of its approach. Read carefully the manual. See and hear patiently in your guided audio and video meditations. After all guide understand, try it with follow all guide, do it patiently, keep feel your self in meditation, get and follow whatever happened in activity and make discussion with your trainer or friend.

Learn meditation for beginner need patient and careful to get the best result in this life style. I am sure you will get best benefit to improve you life quality. Every people who can understand the guide will get this benefit including you. If you can read this article, you are the best person to do this life style approach. Lets go more spirit in our life with meditation. Keep smile to your self and to everyone because the world will smile to you.

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Archangels Meditation

A video for meditation along with images of the Archangels, and the corresponding chakras. The music is the second track on the Band of Brothers Soundtrack, composed by Michael Kamen. The music was requested as the meditation music by Archangel Uriel for one of his dictations. This is the first video I’ve made. I did it because I want everyone to feel the comradery and brotherhood that the angels have with us, and perhaps more people will use them.

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