How Meditation Can Improve Your Health

Article by Keith Ward

The human is in a constant state of repair. When we sleep, our bodies take that time to heal itself and rid itself of foreign pathogens, as well as damaged tissue and bones. Every part of the human body is made of microscopic cells. These cells react to many different variables. Some of these variables include stress.

Stress can cause the cells in the body to reject themselves as well as the antibodies that help to protect it. This can cause a person to become prone to illnesses like the cold and the flu, as well as other ailments. Meditation has been used for centuries as a way to balance the mind and help heal the body. There are many different ways that meditation can help.

The body’s immune system functions on a delicate balance. When that balance is disrupted, the body cannot fight infection and illness as well. Many things can throw the balance off. Stress is one of the more frequent causes of this balance being disrupted. If the body or mind is under a great deal of stress, it will send information to the rest of the body causing its cells to disrupt their own signal which will cause them to stop functioning correctly. When the cells stop functioning correctly, they begin to break down or turn against themselves.

Meditation can correct this imbalance. Through meditation, the mind can relax and release the negative energy that can build up over time. Stress can also cause a person to lose sleep, which deprives the body of the time it needs to heal. Stress induced loss of sleep is usually caused by the mind being unable to shut down. Meditative relaxation techniques help the mind to relax and release the tension in both the mind and the body. This will allow the mind to go into a sleep cycle, giving the body time to repair.

Stress can be caused by many factors. Chief among these factors are issues with work and money. Meditation can help with patience levels, allowing the mind to handle stressful situations. It can also assist in easing the mind and keeping it fresh. These te chniques can be used for job situations, as well. The techniques of meditation can help with concentration. Through meditation, you can gain the power to have control over your thoughts, and even occasionally stop them all together. Through meditation, you can relieve your anxieties and have a clear and peaceful mind.

Science shows that, during a period of alertness, the human brain produces a specific type of brain wave called beta waves. Beta waves are usually associated with busy, active, and anxious thinking as well as active concentration. However, in meditation, the human brain generates alpha waves, theta waves, and occasionally delta waves. These frequencies are typical in the brain activity of a person that is sleeping, however, in meditation, the person is still alert and focusing on stimuli.

It is these wave lengths that allow for the mind and body to repair itself, as well as come to a calm pause in conscious thought, which allows for time of self reflection and balance. Scans also show that a person that meditates has a more balanced and equalised brain pattern.

By balancing the mind and body through meditation, a person can promote positive physical and mental changes in themselves. During meditation, the body has time to recharge and regenerate any lost cells and repair the damages done by illness and stress. Meditation can also assist in lowering a persons stress levels and has also been shown to help lower blood pressure, as well. There are many studies that show the scientific and medical benefits of meditation. There are many different health benefits, including benefits for the heart, cancer and also some mental and psychological disorders, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD.

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