How Meditation May Slow Aging

Article by Emily Taggart

Truly, the issue of aging has constantly left people in wonder and curiosity. In the middle of the 1970s, a new way to slow aging was introduced by a Harvard professor in his then newly published book-The Wonders of Meditation. Meditation involves psychological discipline in order to overlook one’s conscious state of mind and focus on the subconscious state. Contrary to what many think, meditation can be practiced in my different ways-while eating, walking, and while one is motionless. What is important is that the person meditating is in a quiet environment and has a point of focus while doing the meditation (toe, finger, knee, or anything stationary that the eyes can focus on.)

How Does Meditation Slow Aging?

The healing power of meditation does not confine itself to only spiritual and emotional benefits. Over the years, one eminent effect of meditation was its ability to slow aging. How? Through the fortification of the telomere.

You might now be asking yourself what is a telomere. Telomeres are the ends of a person’s chromosomes that determine life’s longevity. Research has proven that meditation reinforces and strengthens a person’s telomeres therefore prolonging the age of one’s cells. Healthy cells mean healthy living and longer life.

Although meditation can help slow a person’s aging, there are some other tips that a person can observe in order to further strengthen telomeres on top of meditation:


Getting enough sleep is important to supplement meditation. This will eventually aid the enhancing of the telomeres that can leave a person looking younger. The suggested amount of sleep a person should get every night is eight hours although research shows that four hours of sleep daily can be adequate for some people.


Spend time with people you love being around. Another factor that slows aging is happiness and laughter. By being with friends and family, you are having a good time and making cherished moments that will make not on ly your heart young but also your face.


Exercising, as many know, helps a person maintain a healthy heart and is ideal for overall good health. However, exercising also keeps a person’s heart young. Increased blood flow means a good rate of metabolism, and a good rate of metabolism is a sure way to burn fat. Fat, when accumulated can cause effects that speed up aging.

Activities that calm

Participating in activities that have calming effects may also slow the aging process. Yoga, reading, poetry, only to mention a few are excellent activities that will boost the telomeres of the human chromosomes.

Aging is something that one should not fear. What is more concerning about getting older is the many health issues that await the human body. It is, therefore, a more reasonable concern to be mindful not only of one’s outer looks, but also in one’s health practices that will be responsible for long years of fruitful living. Meditation along with some healthy habits such as resting well, socializing, exercising and keeping calm will not only promote good health, but will keep you looking and feeling young.

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