How the cost of smoking cigarettes led me to meditation

Article by Terry Silver

Cigarettes had gotten too expensive and I’d like to share with you how meditation made me quit.

I was a 3 pack a day smoker but the recession has made many of my luxuries cost prohibited.

For example my retirement party that I expected at age 59, 4 years from now, is postponed indefinitely because my 401k has dropped to a 101k, meaning it’s a 3rd of what it is used to be.

My 8 rental homes that I planned to sell off each year to suppliment my retirement are now worth less than what I owe on them, thanks to the Mortgage meltdown.

But the worst kicker of all is my favorite cigarettes have become too expensive for even me to justify.

I have been smoking ever since I was a young adult. No matter what happens, my Kools and I could handle it together. I loved smoking and never had any problems.

I mean an occational cough here and there, but that’s to be expected. I am a door-to-door salesman and my cigs have never affected my ability to climb stairs or knock doors, so the bad rap they have concerning the health issues don’t really apply to me.

But, when it comes to the money that I am shelling out for these cigarettes and with my retirement and my rental homes dropping value, I need to pinch some pennies and cut out all extravaganzas.

This is where I realized how much money I was spending on my smoking habit.

Smoking cost more than food, or gasoline for my truck. My bowling league memberships are cheaper per month than my cigarettes.In fact smoking is beginning to rank up ther with my mortgages and my utility bills.

Smoking has gotten to be an expensive habit. So I needed to Quit.

But How? Quiting Its easier said than done.

First, I tried cold turkey, but it didn’t work because I couldn’t start my day without a smoke. Every morning I needed a cigarette just to start off my day.

Next I tried Nicotine Replacement Therapy with the patches stuck to my chest. In addition to their itching the hell out of me I would still smoke even whi le wearing the patches.

I was even going to try Hypnosis until I found out how expensive it cost and my health plan wouldn’t cover it.

But then I remember a friend that chain-smoked constantly and quit sewveral years ago without any problems.I contacted him and he recommended meditation.

To Tell the truth, I thought all this meditation was kind of silly.I mean I not the kind of guy that will sit cross legg and chant some mantra from India.

But boy was I wrong Meditation is not silly.

I am 10 weeks clean from cigarette because I learned to meditate. Meditation taught me to stop “trying to quit” and “made me quit” effortlessly.

Meditation is a simple thing to do but it is so powerful that it took away my desire for a smoke without the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Now I can enjoy the taste of food without having to drown it in salt because my taste buds were numb to all the years of smoking and my sense of smell has returned to where I can’t even stand the smell of cigarettes anymore.

But the best thing of all is the money I am saving. I may can retire in 4 years after all with the money I am saving from not buying cigarettes anymore.

If you have been smoking for years like me and loved smoking but realize that the cost is not worth it anymore, then click on the meditation link below, and try a free preview. It can be the best decision you’ll ever make.

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Once a promising boxer that smoked a pack per day even as an athlete. Smoked for 35 years before the cost of smoking forced me to re-examine my bad habit.

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