How to Become a Psychic through Meditation

Article by Thom Sanders

Many psychics have a natural gift that allows them to see things the rest of us can’t, yet some of their techniques and abilities can be learnt by anyone. Psychometry is a psychic ability that some may not have heard of yet many of us have seen performed either in real life or in the movies. Psychometry is the ability to gain information through touching or holding an object. Many people will be lucky enough to have a naturally affinity for this while others can learn to gain these psychic abilities through some simple techniques.

There are a number of different methods people use to develop psychic abilities, one of the most popular and beneficial ways is through meditation. Meditation helps you to clear your mind and allow yourself to reach a higher state on consciousness. While holding an object meditation allows you to clear your mind of all other thoughts and allow the information from the object to come through clearly.

While meditating with an object it is important to keep positive, believe in the process and keep your mind open. Think of this psychic ability as merely a hidden sense that you already possess and are simply unearthing, keep faith that you can do this and you can read this object.

To start the process, begin using a simple meditation technique to relax the mind and body. Keep your mind clear of all other thoughts. When you feel you are ready hold an object you are not familiar with and continue your meditation. Now anything that pops into your mind should be information coming from the object, try to concentrate on this information.

The information from the object may come in many forms such as images, thoughts or even emotions that may bring feelings of joy or feelings of sadness. Go with your first thoughts and gut feelings as the meditation has allowed you to enter a higher state of consciousness.

One of the best things about learning this psychic technique is that you can achieve an immediate validation of your findings as long as the own er of th e object is there. Do not be too disheartened if at first you are not very successful, because like anything, practice makes perfect.

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