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Yoga combines a series of techniques and equipment to rip maximum benefits from the exercise routine. Some of this equipment is yoga blocks and props. The equipment is readily available in physical and online stores and has a number of benefits we can note on.

When we go back in history, yoga was an exercise program that primarily didn’t use any additional equipment. The Yoga blocks and props was an idea of B.K.S Lyengar when he brought the equipment as part of the yoga routine. This opened doors in making yoga a popular workout routine worldwide. Blocks and props are mainly used to achieve complex positions and poses when doing Yoga.

While the yoga equipment comes in variety and is usable by anyone, it is good to determine which are the best Yoga blocks and props to begin with when doing the routine for the first time. The first prop for a yoga rookie is the strap. This is the cheapest and easiest equipment to use for yoga. It is a tool whose use is continued until the end of the yoga session. So in essence, it is the first equipment to introduce you to the series of Yoga equipment.

Now when you shop the markets for suitable yoga blocks and props, you need to get the dimensions and specs of the equipment you want to use to avoid buying the wrong thing. If it’s a strap, a suitable one will be somewhere between 6 to 9ft long. If possible make sure the strap is made of cotton or hemp for a more natural feel when working out. It is also good to measure the equipment whether they fit with your height and other aspects of exercising.

If you want to be more thorough on the estimation, you can improvise a strap at home to help you determine the exact length of strap you need from the fitness store. Your suitcase strap is the best example to use; but always leave some allowance for clasp as you take the measurements. You would notice that you have to be careful with the measurements and dimensions when buying straps to add to your yoga blocks and props.

The criterion is the same whe n you are picking out blocks as well during your yoga equipment search. Just like the straps you need to be careful on the blocks measurements. Experts recommend a 9 inch by 6 inch wide blocks. The blocks should be 3 to 4 inches in height and can be used at different heights by both regulars and beginners. The blocks are stretched at different angles when working with them; each block coming in its own measurement dimensions will be great but always ensure that you have an identical pair of the blocks for the novices to practice with.

As you would notice, the blocks are also made from different material; wood, cork, foam and even bamboo. The material used for making the blocks is not a primary decision to determine what kind of blocks to buy. They all work the same provided they can handle heavy weight as like that of adults. So buying here will solely depend on your tastes and preferences as a beginner or regular. You can also test drive the blocks and determine the exact kind made for you. If you own big chunks of timber, you can improvise blocks from this and use it as a benchmark when evaluating yoga blocks and props in the market.

These are the considerations you make when buying yoga blocks and props in the fitness stores. This yoga equipment has proven to work perfectly especially if a blend of yoga and meditation music fills the air. Doing your yoga and meditation music plays in the background helps you calm your nerves and give the whole routine your full concentration.

The good thing about this yoga equipment is its flexibility which makes it suitable to be used by just about anyone. You need to be careful thought when younger persons try in the equipment. Parental guidance helps in preventing nasty injuries on the kids.

The blocks and props used for yoga have greatly increased the efficiency of the workout. According to folks who have used them, the equipment form the best instruments to give you enough support and body stability whenever you work out. The blocks and pr ops are also usable in any yoga stage; they are quite timeless and both the rookie and the regular can try them anytime they want as they go through their yoga sessions.

And you are at liberty to try any workout style you want with the equipment; from the Fish-pose to the Downward-Facing Dog. Use of the blocks and props also help you achieve different positions of exercise as you go through the Yoga routine. And you have no idea how stress relieving the whole yoga session is when you use this equipment.

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