How to find time for meditation in your daily routine

Article by Joe

Most people don’t meditate because of a supposed lack of timeYes, at first we all meditate 15 minutes a day, but after some time, priorities kick in and we neglect our practice. Beginners might also not do meditation because they might think “I don’t have time to just sit and do nothing”. This article is answer to them.

You don’t need to sit or lie to meditate, do dynamic meditationStill meditation is only useful in the early stages of your learning process, so you learn that you are not your mind and that you can be free from its influence. Then, the next step is adding some movement to your practice, meditating while living your daily routine.

In any moment of your day, decide to meditate right now and stay in the present moment. I like to meditate while driving because I used to think it was such a waste of time. What I do is stay conscious of my breathing, my emotions, and whatch for toughts, but the biggest part of my attention is on the road (remember that I’m driving). Do this for anything, and you won’t have to meditate another minute in your life

Be flexible, rigid entities breakIn our modern life, we all have constant changes to our daily schedule, if you don’t allow yourself to be flexible as to when you meditate, you won’t do it for long. See what fits your schedule and place it there.

Also, don’t say «I will meditate for 15 minutes every day». Pick an average, but allow yourself to do 5 minutes one day and 20 minutes the other. You should also take days off, to relax a little.

You don’t need meditate for a long time to enjoy the benefitsIn fact, I only do sitting meditation about 5 minutes a day, right before I go to sleep. Still, it helpsme clear my toughts and get rid of stress so I sleep fast and I have a great night. Some people like it in the morning or at night, some prefer to do it randomly. I like to say that it’s not the quantity that counts but the frequency. If you are a beginner, try this free meditation exerc ice, it lasts only 5 minutes, so you don’t have an excuse.

Use times when you are waitingDo you take the bus, drive to work, wait in line or simply watch something on television when it doesn’t even interests you? Take this time to meditate and optimise your time.

That’s it, enjoy the gift of meditation now

About the Author

JoeDRL is a young man with a passion for the brain and its hidden powers. Right now he teaches how to meditate for beginners.

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